All About Real Estate for Investment in Dubai

The active development of Dubai opens up a wide choice for those who plan to purchase foreign real estate as an investment. You can invest money in ready-made properties or stop at residential development projects under construction. High-quality and modern housing is offered in Regalia Apartments, Stella Maris Tower, Palm Views, and other new buildings. Let’s consider what you need to pay attention to when choosing investment properties and whether it is worth considering this direction as potentially profitable.

Four reasons to invest in Dubai real estate

  • Affordable prices.
    The cost of apartments in major European cities and resorts is higher.
  • High profitability of apartments.
    Year-round demand allows you to get from 7% profit annually. The exact rates depend on the specific property and its location.
  • Wide selection.
    Dubai is actively being built up, which allows you to choose an option for any budget: from a compact studio apartment to a luxury villa.
  • No taxation.
    The owner can legally own and dispose of real estate, including renting it out and receiving a net profit. There is also no tax on individuals’ residential real estate in the UAE.

What to pay attention to when choosing flats and apartments

ROI directly depends on the main characteristics of real estate:

  1. Location.
    It is worth considering the proximity to the coast, major attractions that attract tourists, and infrastructure. The presence of hospitals, schools, and shopping malls is important for those who plan to rent housing for a long time.
  2. Prospects for further development of the area.
    If the building has already been completed, it is much easier to make a general impression about the further comfort of living. Otherwise, you can get a view from the windows not in the form of a seashore but a new skyscraper under construction. The Dubai master plan assumes further expansion of the beach line, landscaping of territories, and investment in the development of medicine and education, which makes it possible not to doubt the further high quality of life.
  3. Type of real estate.
    In the UAE, not all properties can be bought in full freehold ownership. In some areas of Dubai, only long-term rentals are possible.

Potentially profitable properties in Dubai real estate market

When choosing, you need to consider the area of the property and its location and the degree of comfort in the eyes of potential tenants. The pandemic has overturned typical ideas about the quality of life, so now many people prefer spacious housing. For many years studio apartments occupied the leading positions in the market. Now apartments with at least one bedroom are also in demand as investments. In 2021, there was a boom in the purchase of villas, rented out no less actively, although they require large investments when buying. The most popular areas for renting are Dubai Marina, Business Bay, and Dubai Creek Harbor. Villas are popular in Arabian Ranches, Town Square, and Villanova.

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