Simple Steps To Take When Your Kids Cause Toilet Problems

Children learn to use the toilet at a very young age. However, it is challenging for many. There will be times when they feel embarrassed or ashamed because they have had an accident. The truth is that this can happen to almost anyone and supportive parents are all that is needed to overcome this.

But, what do you do when your child is constantly causing toilet problems? The good news is that you can take steps to avoid these issues; you simply need to identify them first.

Naturally, it’s a good idea to have the number of a good emergency plumber handy. This will make it easier to deal with issues and restore working facilities.


Blockages or clogs are the most common problem caused by children. The blockage can be due to using an excessive amount of toilet paper. It can also result from toys and other items going into the toilet. These items obstruct the pipe.

This allows other products, including waste, to collect, reducing the size of the pipe until it is entirely blocked. The water will back up at this stage and may overflow the toilet, spilling over your floor. That’s one mess you really don’t want to clean up.

Talk To Them

The first step to dealing with children and toilet problems is to talk to them. Children need to know why the toilet isn’t a bin or storage container. You can talk about the health implications of handling the toilet and the health hazards associated with waste products. 

You can also tell them about the costs and stress of getting a plumber to resolve the issue. Children are surprisingly bright, and they can learn from this.

Close the Toilet Seat

If items are falling in by accident, then it is easy to resolve. Simply close the toilet seat and keep it closed when the toilet is not used. This will instantly reduce the number of objects that can fall into the waste system.

Teach Them About Toilet paper

Toilet paper can go into the toilet. But, excessive amounts can still cause a clog. It’s important that you help your children understand an appropriate amount of toilet paper to use. This will help prevent it from building up and clogging the toilet. 

Shutting the Water Off

Some parents find that the issue isn’t what a child is putting into the toilet; it’s a fact they are constantly doing the flush. This is wasteful and will cost you your water bill.

Fortunately, you can solve this by turning the valve off at the cistern. Simply turn it on to refill the cistern when you want to flush, and then turn it off again. Your child won’t be able to keep flushing the toilet if there is no water coming into it. 

Monitoring your child and gently correcting their behaviour is the most effective way to prevent toilet issues and help them develop healthy habits for the future. 

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