Sustainable Upgrades That Can Boost Your Home’s Value

Today, more homebuyers are interested in sustainable homes, and that is likely to remain the case for many years to come. Making your home more sustainable will increase its value significantly. By implementing a few sustainable home improvements, you increase its resale value that will see you make profits if you decide to sell it.

Therefore, are you considering implementing a few environmentally friendly features in your home? Here are some of the best options you should consider.

Upgrading Kitchen Appliances

Upgrading kitchen appliances will give your home a classy and modern feel that will see its value improve significantly. It would help if you didn’t replace your old kitchen appliances with any other type; instead, go for appliances that follow top energy guidelines to limit electricity and water usage.

There are several options if you choose to replace your kitchen appliances. You can use older ones until they wear down or break, then replace them with energy-efficient versions. Alternatively, you can choose to replace all of your old appliances at once as part of your renovation project. When replacing or updating kitchen appliances, you should go for faucets with energy-efficient taps. This will help save water and give your kitchen a magnificent new look.

Introduce a Tankless Water Heater

If you have a rusty and worn-out water heater, you should get rid of the old tank and get a new one. This means you can move to a tankless model. Traditional water heaters are designed to hold several gallons of water in a heated state. Contrary to that, tankless water heaters heat water by running it over hot coils before reaching the pipes. This option will significantly lower energy consumption because you will not constantly be heating the water you are not using. A tankless water heater can help you save more on energy bills and frees up more space. You can turn the old tank room into a storeroom or a living space. Homebuyers are after homes with such attributes; energy-efficient and with more free space. Making these changes will increase your home value significantly.

Install Solar Panels

Installing solar panels is one of the most important and visible eco-friendly home improvements you can do. The impact of solar panels on the environment is clear, and it saves a lot of money too. Solar panels will enable you to get energy from the sun instead of local energy providers like natural gas and coal.

Acquiring these solar panels can be costly, and you may also need to replace your roof before installing them. However, as much as implementing these changes might seem costly, it is a worthy investment. Research shows that solar energy homes spend an average of 65% less time on the market. In addition, installing solar panels will increase your home value by over 36%, which is approximately $20,000 more. This makes solar panel installation one of the most expensive and essential sustainable home improvements you should consider.

Go for Non-Toxic Carpet

Before selling their homes, most homeowners replace the carpets to increase the home value. Carpets wear down within a few years, and replacing them is considered a reliable way of increasing your home value. However, with time, homebuyers are becoming more environmentally focused. Therefore, you should look for an environmentally friendly and non-toxic carpet. These carpets are recommended because they absorb heat, lowering energy needs.

Non-toxic carpets are made with more advanced materials that help ensure your family members don’t get exposed to toxic gases when breathing. This is a significant home improvement, especially for homeowners with small children or those planning to get them in the future. It is not safe for babies to crawl around carpets that could affect their health.

Replace the Old Garage Doors

Upgrading your garage door to an improved and more sustainable version will not only have a positive impact on the environment but also improve your home value. Research shows that homeowners can get up to 90% return on investment when replacing a garage door. Modern garage doors can improve your home value in so many ways. The most common one is by improving your home’s curb appeal. As a result, your home will look beautiful from the outside, prompting buyers to spend more willingly.


Leveraging your equity to make home improvements will bring a higher home value which in turn will provide you with many financial advantages. It can help improve your finances in several ways. First, it helps increase your credit score, making it possible for you to access loans of higher amounts. Besides, it could help you in the future should you need a reverse mortgage. HUD approved lenders like All Reverse Mortgage will allow you to convert some of your increased home equity as a lump sum, line of credit monthly payment stream. These loans are increasing in popularity as senior equity reaches 8 Trillion

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