These Ideas Will Turn Your Bedroom into Epitome of Tranquil Luxury

Most rooms in your home are spaces buzzing with activity, family gatherings, or even parties. Your bedroom, however, is your personal spot where you can de-stress and let go of everyday problems. The quality of sleep, your bedroom’s environment and ambiance are all incredibly important factors that influence your relaxation level. Sometimes your bedroom may become too cluttered with books, work related items, bundles of wires for those extra, unnecessary electronics, clothes, and even makeup items that never go back in those drawers.

To make your bedroom into the epitome of tranquil luxury and relaxation, you can make a few simple changes that alter the complete look and feel of the room. Enjoy a soothing, spa-like mood every time you enter your bedroom after a long day of stressful work with these simple but effective transformations.

Down and Feather Pillows

Nothing oozes comfort and luxury like a pair of down and feather pillows. Light and delicately soft in texture, down and feather pillows increase feelings of relaxation and tranquillity as you lie down on them. Gone are the days when you tossed and turned unstoppably in bed just to find that sweet spot on your cheap, synthetic pillow. With these luxury pillows, you can improve the look of your bedroom, as well as feel like floating on a plush cloud every time you lie on them.

While there are a lot of brands in the market that manufacture down pillows, Pacific Coast pillows are known to be the best for their high quality down filling. The Pacific Coast goose down pillow is a special treat as it combines 100% cotton with deliciously fluffy goose down plumes. A pair of these fluffy pillows on your bed can completely change the appearance of your bed and make it irresistibly relaxing.

Treat Your Senses

When you allow your senses to relax, your body and mind are at peace. Have you ever wondered why you feel so utterly relaxed and stressless when you are at a spa? It is because of those relaxing accessories that pleasure your senses. Soothing scented candles, sensory lights, refreshing music, etc., are some of the ways you can relax and treat your senses.

Set some lightly scented candles on your side table or hand a strong of delicate fairy lights or lamps over your bed and around the room when you just want to de-stress and not think about work. You can even try placing a fresh bouquet of your favorite scented flowers in a pretty vase next to your bed or use an air diffuser with subtle fragrances wafting from it such as lavender, jasmine, green apples or oranges, or soft vanilla. Sound machines are also an excellent way to relax your senses. You can play sounds of nature like a gentle rainfall or other forms of calming music that blocks out all external noise and engulfs you in a state of absolute tranquility.

Green it Up

Decorating your room with indoor plants not only adds flare and character to your bedroom, but they also significantly reduce stress and provide some fresh focal points around the room. Some excellent choices for indoor plants include aloe vera which can stay fresh for weeks without water, or Snake and ZZ plants are other options that can thrive in low light and without gallons of water every day.

Indoor plants are known to absorb harmful chemicals from the air and purify your atmosphere. Arranging an assortment of pants in your bedroom will also enhance breathing. A great advantage of decorating your room with indoor plants is that they add a zest of modern touch at a very low price. You can keep them in different sized pots with a range of styles and colors to create a calm, soothing ambiance that will relax you in no time.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Messy bedrooms are not relaxing. Instead, they can induce stress and panic, and make you feel uncomfortable. The easiest way to make your bedroom more relaxing than a top spa, is by decluttering thoroughly. Recycle all unnecessary paper, cardboard, tin, and plastic items that serve no purpose or are out of use. This may include wires, pens, notebooks, boxes, etc. Take a day or two to empty that space in your room and place scattered items back to where they belong.

Artwork and other items of sentimental value should be placed in the correct spot so they may add character to your personal space. If you see different wires tangling into knotted balls, then you may assemble them correctly or get rid of them entirely if they are not a necessity. Small touches of color and interesting patterns, or picture frames that highlight amazing memories can make your bedroom a deeply personal and relaxing spot.

Color it Soft

Color impacts our mood in astounding ways. The most relaxing environments are those painted with cool, refreshing colors that bring to mind a peaceful day at the beach or under a canopy of lush trees. Soft blues evoke pure relaxation without making your room boring or mundane. You can compliment this shade with white furniture and patterned sheets that adds character without any sharpness. Green is another calming shade that can give the feeling of being surrounded by nature and calm.

To turn your room into a tranquil space, pick a color palette that includes soft pastels or cool refreshing shades. Avoid neon or bright tones as those work the eyes too hard and make you feel alert instead of calm. You can even select dark accents of blue, gray, or hunter green but soft pastels are most effective and create the aura of peace and tranquility.

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