The Best Arguments For Sewer Replacement Over Repairs

Does your home connect to a city sewer system? If it does, maintenance is often minimal for the homeowner. It isn’t like a septic tank where you need to schedule pump outs to clean the tank or have a specialist handle drain cleaning. All your home’s plumbing pipes connect to one major line in your yard. The sewer line then connects to the city line- often near the street—and runs to the next property. Homeowners are often responsible for any part of the line before that connection.

Sewer replacement is an important task for homeowners and property owners. It involves replacing old or damaged sewer lines with new ones to ensure the safe and efficient disposal of waste from your property. While the thought of replacing your sewer may seem daunting, there are several good reasons why it’s necessary. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best reasons for sewer replacement and what you need to know to make an informed decision.

Too Many Repairs 

Consider replacing your sewer line if too many repairs are needed. If your plumber has identified several leaks within the system, it may be in your best interest to replace the line altogether. There are sewer repair methods, such as cure-in-place piping, but this may only be a temporary fix if the entire pipe is compromised.

The average cost for sewer line repair is roughly $4,000. When you compare the average cost of sewer replacement being between $5,000 to $8,000, replacement almost seems like a better option. However, most sewer lines are built to last and are durable. For instance, cast iron pipes last anywhere between 75 to 100 years. Clay and cement pipes are rated up to 100 years. PVC pipes are the most common and preferred option for sewer line installation. This type of material can last over 100 years.

Invasive Tree Roots

Extensive damage is almost always expected if a tree root has busted through the sewer line. The tree root will slowly enter the pipe and break to the other side. Once a complete break has occurred, replacement and tree root removal will need to happen. In many cases, the plumbing company may also recommend that you relocate your sewer line out of the way of potential tree roots.

Addressing Corrosion

Sewer replacement may be recommended if corrosion is a problem. Sewer pipes are underground. This exposes them to various contaminants that could corrode the pipe material. Chemicals, salts, and other substances will weaken the pipe making it more prone to damage. If your sewer line was originally constructed with metal, we highly recommend that you have your sewer line inspected regularly to determine if any corrosion or leaks are present.

Compromised Infrastructure

How old is the sewer line on your property? Older homes typically have older infrastructure. Sewer lines were often made with clay and cast iron over 40 years ago. It is now widely known that clay and cast iron are not good choices for sewer lines as they are prone to breaks, blockages, and leaks. These materials can also deteriorate over time, meaning they will need to be replaced at some point. Plumbers can identify what type of sewer line you have with an inline camera inspection. Should your pipes be 40 years or older and made of clay or cast iron, we highly recommend considering replacement.

Need A Larger Line

If you have greater wastewater management needs, the plumbing pipe will need to be enlarged. For example, if you add a new bathroom to your home, you’ll need a sewer pipe to handle the increased usage. Similarly, if you have more people living in your home, it isn’t uncommon to have more wastewater from the plumbing fixtures. A plumber could recommend a sewer replacement to prevent blockages from forming in the sewer line, which can cause a problem for your entire home.

Great Selling Point When Listing

Anytime you do major work on your home is a huge selling point. When listing, addressing problems with a sewer line, such as replacing outdated infrastructure, is an incredible value add. Though this may not be the first and foremost reason for choosing sewer replacement, it is worth noting that it can add value to your home.


Experiencing frequent clogs with your sewer line often contributes to debris buildup. Plumbers can unclog a plumbing pipe and sewer line with snaking or hydro jetting techniques. Unfortunately, if a blockage remains in a clog and is unable to remedy itself with professional services, greater action may need to be taken. If you are experiencing frequent blockages and it’s affecting every fixture in your home, it’s more than likely not the drain line but the sewer line. Replacing the line outside your home can improve water flow and stop constant clogs from forming.

Signs It’s Time To Hire Someone

Is now the right time to hire a Waldorf plumber? It can often be confusing when something as serious as a sewer line leak or break is happening to your home and lawn. You might question whether or not repairs or sewer replacement can be delayed. After all, oftentimes, the cost of replacement can be considerably more than a homeowner expects. But, the consequences of not fixing a broken sewer line can be significant. This includes having raw sewage spilling out into your yard.

Some signs to look for that it’s time to contact a professional for sewer replacement include backups from multiple fixtures in your home and the smell of raw sewage in your yard. If both of these factors are present, it is almost certainly a sewer line problem that should be addressed. Anytime a homeowner is considering major work to their home, it’s important to work with a reputable contractor. If you have questions about sewer line services, whether it be repairs or a replacement, talk with your local plumber about what options best fit your home.

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