Things To Keep In Mind About Federal Pacific Breakers

There is so much you need to know about the Federal Pacific panel breaker, especially if you happen to own one. Based on its reputation, Federal Pacific panel breakers are not necessarily the best device you can use for your business or home. If you are wondering why that is the case, this article will highlight the 5 things about cheap Federal Pacific Breakers that you need to know.

Absence of Ground Wire

These panel breakers lack a ground wire and are therefore not connected to the circuit breaker. Furthermore, the fuse inside the panel breakers cannot handle power surges, which means they could easily blow out and cause large problems for you.

Prone to Fire

These devices are hazardous systems that you need to be cautious about at all times. If you own a Federal Pacific Breaker in your business or home, you need to ensure that it is thoroughly checked by experts. In most cases, these panels are poorly designed, which means they could easily cause problems if electric issues occur on your property. Despite not meeting the current safety standards, these panels are still commonly used even today.

They affect your Property Insurance

In most cases, insurance companies are reluctant to insure properties with Federal Pacific panel breakers. That is the case because these devices are deemed unsafe due to the significant problems they could cause to your business or home. If you believe that your panel could be a risk to your property, contact an insurance company to be informed about their policies regarding the Federal Pacific breakers.

You are Discouraged from Fixing these Devices

While it may be possible to fix these panel breakers by replacing their fuses with modern accessories, doing so is not recommended. The best thing you can do for your property is to completely replace them with standard breakers. That is because fixing the panels does not solve any issues these systems could cause but only solves the problem in the short term. Replacing the system with other devices will help prevent electrical issues that could be detrimental to the property.

Federal Pacific Breakers are Banned

The Federal Pacific Breaker models are currently banned by the National Electrical Code. This implies that while you may still have this system in your old house, it is illegal to have them installed in your new businesses or homes. Furthermore, these systems are incapable of handling power surges and will overheat if used for approximately fifteen minutes or more. Therefore, when putting up a new property, make sure you go for a system that meets the current safety standards for electrical installations.

Bottom Line

Even though the Federal Pacific breakers are the most popular, other quality and safer brands are available out there. Do some research on your panels and see if whatever has been installed meets the outline standards to prevent potential harm to you or your property. If you are still using Federal Pacific panel breakers, make plans to have the entire system changed.

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