10 Design Tips to Make Your Bedroom Feel Luxurious

Your bedroom is where you go to relax, pamper yourself, and wind down. You need it to be a space of lush comfort and coziness so you can forget all the worries of the outside world and sleep soundly through the night. The way your bedroom looks has a huge influence on how you feel when you spend time in there, so designing and decorating it to give you warm fuzzy feelings snugness is essential, and these seven tips will help you achieve that luxury.


Minimal Backdrops

When it comes to the walls and floors, keeping it simple is key. Having a plain and minimal backdrop gives you the freedom to change and alter the colors and decorations whenever you please. If you opt for a feature wall, you are limited on what you can do with the rest of the room. Keep backdrops minimal so you can constantly keep up with new trends.

Display Artwork

Having a statement piece of artwork in your bedroom gives in that high-end look. Hanging a colorful painting on the wall, displaying an interesting photograph, or having a unique sculpture can be a powerful way to show your style and add a touch of luxury.

Have Houseplants

A little bit of greenery makes a whole load of impact. Houseplants are definitely on trend, and interior designers are all for it. Having houseplants displayed in chic pots, vases or innovatively hung from the ceiling really elevates a room. There are so many benefits of having houseplants that this is a movement you need to be a part of.

Chic Decorations

The smallest finishing touches can have such a huge influence over the final look and feel of the room. Creating perfectly placed vignettes, small displays of books, knickknacks, and ornaments, is a current design favorite. Candles are perfect for creating these looks, especially when combined with artful design like those from Diptyque. Giving you the luxurious fragrances of Paris, SSENSE have the latest arrivals of Diptyque candles to create opulent coziness in your bedroom.

Mix Textures

Textures make a room more interesting and are a way of adding some classy color and pattern. Having a statement rug, a variety of meticulously arranged cushions and throws, or interesting yet elegant curtains will really give you that show-room luxury finish that you’re after. Piling your bed full of lush plump pillows of different looks, materials and colors is not only a great design tip, but it also ensures maximum bedroom comfort.

Statement Lighting

Lighting is often a missed design opportunity, but when done right, it can be the detail that was missing that will top-off the overall look and feel of the room. Away with the boring plain lampshades, and in with the statement lighting. Hanging lights are a simple change to make but they are a sure way to add a bit of glamour.

Chaotic Nightstands

People like to have all the things that they need close by – from essentials like a glass of water (that has probably been there for days) to all the other little bits and bobs that mess up the nightstand like never-used hand creams, unusual ointments, and tangles of charging cables. Doesn’t look like luxury, does it? It’s time to clean up your nightstand. All you have to do is put everything in a drawer, simple.

Organize Your Vanity

Just like nightstands, vanities are hotspots for junk and clutter and disorganization. Your vanity can be a statement piece of furniture and a chic focal point of the room, but not if it is overflowing with makeup, hair products and skin care. Find ways to store all your beauty products neatly and effectively. Why not have a go at arranging yourself a vignette with some of the prettier and elegant bottles of fragrances that you have for a luxurious finishing touch?

Have Enough Storage Space

A cluttered room will never look luxurious. It’s a fact. If there are things strewn around the floor and falling off the bed in a mess, luxury and comfort are the last words that come to mind. Make sure you have enough space to store all your belongings; everything needs a place to live so you can have order and organization. Tidy room, tidy mind.

Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

Colors, patterns, textures, artwork, furniture; don’t be afraid to try new combinations, different pairings or go all out and teat out something a little bit more whacky. If it’s a disaster, not to worry, you can just change it back. But you never know, you might have the potential to create a luxurious design masterpiece in your own bedroom. Take a risk and do some design experiments; if not anything else, you might have a bit of fun!

Sprinkle some of your creativity and follow these design tips to create a space that you are proud of. Leave all the chaos and mess of reality outside the door as you step into your bedroom of luxurious style and comfort.

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