6 Tips When Choosing Doors For Your Hotel

Doors are potentially one of the most expensive outlays for any hotel. It’s not just that good quality doors can cost several hundred dollars; it’s also that hotels generally need a lot of doors.

Choosing them can be difficult, so it’s generally best to take some time. You need stylish doors that suit the décor and style of your hotel and are well-made. This will help your hotel to stand out for all the right reasons, boosting sales and profits.

Of course, you’ll also need to consider the accessories. These can make or break even the most stylish doors.

Here’s what you should be thinking about when selecting hotel doors.

1.   Materials

Doors can be made from various materials, but the best choice is wood. This is because wood is warm; it’s natural and feels great.

Customers will also be able to tell that you’ve invested in the doors and, therefore, the quality of your hotel. To illustrate this point, you only have to look at the quality of materials used to make Cocif wood doors.

Suppose a customer feels you’re invested in the hotel. In that case, they will automatically feel more confident in what you have to offer.

Wooden doors can be created in a wide variety of styles, including Italian, or made to look old-fashioned. They are also available in an impressive choice of colors. The color is generally directly related to which wood has been used in the door.

Best of all, choosing a high-quality and stylish door is an investment; it will last many years, even if your guests aren’t as gentle with them as you are.

2.   Styling

You can opt for plain doors. However, you want your hotel doors to stand out a little. A great option is to look at Italian wooden doors. These are stylish yet practical and are bound to be well-received by guests.

To spice your doors up a little more, consider custom-designed Italian wooden doors. You can choose which wood to use, how it is set in the door, which accessories are added, and how they fit.

This makes it possible to change the style of the door depending on the room, floor, or hotel area. The door can reflect the theme, helping customers know they are in the right place.

3.   Security

Even though most doors in a hotel are inside, they need to offer a high level of security. In most cases, there is just one lock. That will suffice, provided it is a high-quality lock.

Alongside this, the door should be strong enough to withstand most attacks. That’s one thing wooden doors are generally good at.

You can opt for metal doors; they are high security. But, they are also cold and create a distinct atmosphere, specifically a hotel in a bad area.

Choosing solid wood doors with good-quality locks will suffice.

4.   Safety

Hotel doors are required to be fireproof. This generally makes them heavier than standard doors and can cause issues if people get their hands caught in the door while it is automatically closing.

You must ensure the doors you choose are fireproof and add soft closers to protect your guests. This is essential to your reputation and the ongoing success of your business.

5.   Privacy

Naturally, people expect privacy when they go into their hotel rooms. That means, as stylish as the doors are, they should not include any glass element other than a standard door peephole. It allows the guests to see who is at their hotel room door.

The right locks also play a part in privacy.

6.   Manufacturer

Hotel doors can take a lot of abuse. Guests may kick them, suitcases may be bashed against them, and other issues can occur.

Inevitably, there will be a time when at least one of the doors needs to be replaced. This is when you’ll be glad you chose a reputable manufacturer with a distinctive array of styles, such as Italian wooden doors.

In short, you’ll be able to replace the door with another one that looks the same. That’s significantly better than replacing all the doors in your hotel to ensure they all match.

Summing Up

Whether you choose Italian wooden doors or something less stylish, you must take your time selecting the right doors for your hotel.

They are much more than an entranceway to hotel rooms and facilities. The right doors can make a huge difference to how the hotel looks and feels. That means they directly affect the amount you can charge per room and the type of clientele you attract.

You’ll want to consider all the variables to make the right decision.

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