Why should you consider selling your Wakefield, PA, home to a house-buying company

Selling your home is a big undertaking. From preparing your home to working with a realtor to navigating an unreliable timeline, selling your home can be confusing and time-consuming. Luckily, there is an alternative to traditional selling. House-buying companies are an additional option for home sellers looking to sell on a faster timeline with fewer restrictions and complications. As technology has progressed, so has the reach and ability of house-buying companies. From HomeLight’s Simple Sale platform to an iBuyer such as Open Door, the options for selling to a house-buying company have become more accessible, reliable, and manageable.  If you need to sell your Wakefield, Pennsylvania home quickly, consider the following reasons for selling to a house-buying company.

Faster closing time

Speed is the number one reason to sell your home to a house-buying company.  Where traditional home selling can take months, selling to a house-buying company can be done in as few as seven to 10 days. If you are pressed for time due to a job change, family needs, or any other reason, selling a house-buying company would provide you with the fastest sale.

No repairs

When selling your home traditionally, several of your most important tasks will be repairing, cleaning, and staging your home. All these tasks require time, which you may not have if you are in a hurry to sell. Repairs can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. When you sell your home traditionally, some repairs that pop up during an inspection are essential. These include repairs to the electrical system, plumbing, HVAC, foundation, and roof. Essentially any system in the house that could cause a safety issue should be repaired for your house to sell without delays.

No deep cleaning or decluttering

Deep cleaning and decluttering your home increases its selling potential, but both take time. If you hope to sell your home quickly or if your current schedule, living arrangement, or health make it impossible for you to complete the tasks of deep cleaning and decluttering, you may find selling to a home-buying company easier. Deep cleaning involves scrubbing your home from top to bottom to make it look as move-in ready as possible.  Decluttering involves removing unnecessary or overly personal items from your home. 

Reduced closing fees

Besides the time and effort it takes to prepare your home for sale, a purchase from a home-buying company will cut out additional closing costs. Most house-buying companies will cover closing costs in full for the seller.  In general, closing costs can amount to 10% of the sale price. If additional closing fees hinder you financially, you should consider selling to a house-buying company.


One difficulty that sellers find during the traditional home selling process is their timeline. Whether it is finding a home to move into after selling their current property or securing a home before their current dwelling sells, the timeline can be difficult to cope with. Selling to a home-buying company allows sellers to select a move-out date.

If you are considering selling your Wakefield, Pennsylvania home and are interested in using a house-buying company, you should consult your real estate agent. He or she will be able to help you choose the best house-buying company and assist you with any questions about the company you may have.

Kevin Darabont
I am a freelance writer who loves to craft, home decor improvement, and active DIYers. I am happy to share my knowledge and experience to the world and learn new things everyday.