10 Home Decor Ideas That Will Make it Harder to Sell Your Home

It’s understandable to feel under pressure to sell your home as fast as possible. This pressure can lead you to start sprucing up your home in many ways. With that said, not every home decor idea is a good one for selling your home fast.

Giving your home a new look can be exciting, yet overwhelming. A successful home décor requires that you achieve the right balance between form and function, but this comes with its challenges too. Your style aside, you need to consider both the big picture and the small details. 

From the right furniture to the perfect color blend, it could be part of decluttering your house. Here are a few home décor tips you can add:

  • Use the wall space: Some gorgeous textile hanging to the walls and blending with other prints. 
  • Create a bold gallery: Eye-catching artworks displayed in minimalist frames to make a bright statement. 
  • Color on the floor: Ocean-blue colored rug on the floor to blend with a white palette brings a bold contrast.

Making the wrong choices while getting your home ready to sell can end up scaring away buyers. This might lead to your home being on the market for quite a while. By learning what decor ideas to avoid, you’ll know if something’s holding your home back from getting sold.

Here are ten home decor ideas that make it harder to sell your home.

1. Wallpapers

In the past, wallpaper used to be a great way to adorn bare walls. Now, it’s something most buyers feel is out of date. Wallpaper is often a hassle to clean if it gets stained. Plus, it’s prone to separating from walls if it gets damp.

2. Color Accent

When painting your walls, it’s best to avoid choosing either bright or dull colors. Bright colors like yellow and pink can turn away buyers. The same goes for darker colors like black. 

Instead, try to aim for more neutral colors while painting the rooms in your home. Research shows that rooms painted in light beiges or pale taupes sold for $1,926 more than the owner’s expected sale price. 

3. Intricate Tiles

Any person interested in buying your home will want to see its bathroom. When they do, make sure they don’t see tiles with bold or odd patterns. Most buyers want their next potential home to look neat and organized.

Seeing floors with bizarre and distracting patterns isn’t going to appeal to those looking for uniformity. To help you out with this room, follow these master bathroom design tips.

4. Excessive Metal Fixtures

There’s nothing wrong with having metal fixtures throughout your home. With that said, make sure you don’t go overboard here. It’s OK to have metal fixtures in your home but try to avoid lots of brass and copper. Not only is it unpopular with many people, but brass and copper often turn green over time.

5. Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

Let’s move on from discussing walls and fixtures to talking about carpeting. Many homes have carpeted rooms here and there, which is fine. However, try to avoid excessive carpeting in your home. Carpets impair indoor air quality, which doesn’t appeal to buyers with allergies. This type of flooring is also hard to keep clean, which isn’t appealing to most people with small children and pets.

6. Tablecloths

Most people have tables they might not be entirely proud of. However, it’s better to have uncovered tables than tablecloths. These types of coverings make your house appear far too formal. 

Also, whatever you do, make sure to avoid having any “frilly” table coverings out for visitors to see. This might make potential buyers feel like they stepped into their grandparent’s house.

7. Clutter & Over-accessorizing

Did you know that 95% of real estate agents recommend clients declutter their homes before selling them? They make this recommendation because it’s hard for people to imagine life in a home while surrounded by your belongings.

Plus, having lots of clutter and accessories in your home can make it look smaller. Clutter can also make your home appear dirty or unclean in the eyes of a buyer. Instead, follow these ideas to create an anxiety-free living space for visitors to enjoy.

8. All Whites and Grays

We mentioned earlier to stay away from loud and dull paint colors. But don’t let this lead to you having a home that is full of nothing but whites and grays. These colors drain any personality out of your home and leave it looking boring, something no seller wants.

MarketWatch recently reported that properties with gray dining rooms painted gray sold for $1,112 less than other homes. Speaking of home costs, visit this page to learn more tips on how to save money while trying to get your home sold.

9. Industrial Finishing

It’s also a good idea to avoid having lots of industrial finishing in your home. Industrial finishes might be good for your office or workplace, but it shouldn’t have any place in a home you’re trying to sell. Instead of industrial finishing, look for finishes that add a more personal touch.

10. Appliances That Aren’t Stainless Steel

Almost every home features a few or more appliances. If you want another way to appeal to a potential buyer, opt for stainless steel appliances in your home.

It’s easy to see why stainless steel remains a top priority for homebuyers. This timeless material is stylish and doesn’t clash with most people’s decor choices.

In conclusion, it’s understandable to want your home to be an extension of your personality. But, when it comes to selling your house, extreme decor trends make it hard to sell your home.

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