11 Main Power Tools Every DIYer Must Have

Power tools are intended to help you do home repair tasks faster and more effectively. These tools are necessary for everyone, regardless of skill level, to do projects around the house. 

The following is a list of helpful power equipment you may use to handle almost any home improvement job:

1. Drill

Various Power Tools Laying On Wooden Desk

If you visit online tool stores like www.datapowertools.co.uk and others, you’ll notice that they offer a wide array of drills, from cordless to those who have multispeed settings. This is because the drill is the most commonly used device in every house or workshop. 

The drill is also often the first power equipment that individuals buy. If you’re planning to buy a drill, a cordless one is a must-have. These drills are often battery-operated, making them very handy. There are also corded alternatives, but they lack the portability of their cordless counterparts.

Another excellent choice for a drill is one that has auto-sense technology to detect whether a screw is at level with the surface of the wood. You don’t need to physically adjust the screws using this type of drill. The tool does the job for you. 

2. Orbital Sander 

If you’re looking for the most efficient way to smooth down rough surfaces, you’ll want an orbital sander. The sanding disc rotates while simultaneously making tiny elliptical movements. So, they’re excellent at getting into tight spaces and scraping up against hard surfaces.

As a bonus, their sanding traces are less noticeable. Because these sanders are designed for mild sanding, they’re most effective towards the end of a job. They’re also excellent for refurbishing wood or scraping paint from surfaces.

3. Nail Gun 

A nail gun is a high-powered instrument that fires nails. It serves as an alternative to hammers and is helpful for any job that requires nails. If you’re going to use many nails, this tool may be worth the investment. 

Although most of these nail guns operate on compressed air, electric versions are also available. There are also many models to choose from, each suited to a certain size of the nail. Having one of these nail guns on hand isn’t excessively expensive. 

4. Circular Saw 

A man builder saws a board with a circular saw in the workshop

Circular saws are very versatile tools since they can be used to cut anything from timber to plastic. They slice in a circular manner with a round blade, thus their namesake. They’re ideal for straight cuts, although some can also perform bevel cuts. 

Also, if you buy a circular saw, be sure to stock up on extra saw blades. Not all saw blades are made to cut through all materials. The blade that often comes with the circular saw is made for coarse cuts and has a short lifespan.

5. Jigsaw

Jigsaws are capable of cutting complex shapes into a wide range of materials. These are the equipment you’ll need if you’re working with challenging angles. More often than not, the blade angle may also be adjusted, giving you even more customization options.  

They may also be used for several other household tasks such as carving Halloween pumpkins or creating a hole on something. They also come with a range of blades, allowing you to cut almost anything. If you can, get one that has several orbital settings so you can fine-tune the speed and precision. 

6. Angle Grinder 

Angle grinders are a versatile tool that may be used for grinding, cutting, or polishing a range of materials. They may even be utilized to slice through hard materials such as steel and tile. Several angle grinders operate on electricity or gasoline. 

Angle grinders are distinguished from other types of grinders by their 90° inclination. This gives you access to areas you otherwise wouldn’t have had access to. Another benefit of this inclination is it reduces some of the side pressures produced by other grinders. You can find great angle grinders at Stonex

7. Rotary Tool 

The rotary tool may be the most adaptable device currently available. You may utilize it for many small projects, thanks to the enormous variety of included accessories and attachments.

A rotary tool is a piece of tiny power equipment with a very fast-spinning rotary tip. You may sand with it, carve bevels, buff, engrave, or even shine metal surfaces using it. This tool is useful for many things.

8. Air Compressor

An air compressor is used to generate compressed air. Compressed air comes in handy all the time. Certain equipment requires compressed air to operate properly like the angle grinder. Not to mention that you may need to top up your spare tire or ball at some point.  

They’re also useful for cleaning certain things. You’ll also need an air compressor if you’re using pneumatic tools. Most of them are permanently installed, although there are a few compact portable models available too.

You need to read more on portable air compressor review if you think permanently installed air compressor is not suitable for your workplace.

9. Impact Wrench

An impact wrench generates significant pressure while requiring minimal effort from the user. This is because they generate a great deal of torque, unlike traditional wrenches, which need the user to expend significant effort just to turn them.  

This tool is excellent for removing damaged screws or releasing overly tight lug nuts. They’re typically powered by compressed air, although electric versions are also available.  

10. Oscillating Tool 

The oscillating tool is versatile and can be used for a wide range of tasks. It features different attachments that may be swapped out as needed. These attachments cover a wide range of tasks such as cutting and grinding. They’re also lightweight and compact, making them ideal for completing smaller tasks while on the go.

11. Heat Gun

There’s nothing complicated about these heat guns. They direct a stream of heated air to a specific point. Similar in appearance to a hairdryer, but with considerably hotter air. 

A heat gun may be used for a variety of purposes. For shrinking, drying, bending plastic, and thawing frozen pipes, these tools are often used by homeowners and contractors alike. They’re a great tool to have on hand because of how adaptable they are. 


You can do home repair and improvement tasks faster and more effectively using power tools. If you’re a do-it-yourself homeowner, you need to check out the tools listed above. Since most of these tools simplify common tasks, it’s suggested to have them on hand.

When using any power tool, make sure to wear proper protective equipment, such as high-grade nitrile gloves, googles, cut-resistant and heat-resistant coveralls, and more, to ensure safety and avoid injuries. Handle your power tools with care, always practice caution when using them, and clean and store them properly after use. 

You don’t have to run out and buy everything on this list right now. However, it’s a great idea to check this list often and gradually add these necessary items to your toolbox.

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