5 Smart Ways To Revamp Your Bathroom

Is your bathroom beginning to look and feel old? Sometimes, it’s not only the years you’ve been using it that contribute to the worn-out look of a bathroom, but also its design, colors, and fixtures. Since the bathroom is one of the most personal and private spaces in the house, it’s almost a necessity that you should turn it into a spa-like corner where you actually enjoy spending time. So, it’s always a good idea to revamp your bathroom every once in a while. 

If you want to make sure everything goes well up to the smallest detail, you can consider hiring a professional remodeler or contractor, such as the Easy Renovation company. To add, if you’re smart enough to think of ways to redesign your bathroom, even the smallest of changes can make a big difference without having to take down walls or tear up the tiles. 

A bathroom makeover is very much possible with the help of these clever ways: 

Spruce Up Your Lighting 

You’ll be surprised by how much lighting can enhance any given space, such as your bathroom. Sometimes, there’s no need to change or do anything to an existing room, except installing or upgrading light fixtures, as they can significantly spruce up the overall aesthetics and functionality of the space.  

As you know, the bathroom is almost a sacred haven where you do all your personal care routines and whatnots. From beauty masks to a much-needed hot soaking in the tub, this magical space is where all self-care things take place. As such, the bathroom needs to have the necessary illumination and lighting.  

As a start, you can replace existing bulbs with LEDs since they’re more energy-efficient and radiant. Specifically, pick daylight bulbs in full-spectrum so lighting will be bright but won’t be glaring your reflection as you apply your makeup on or do your skincare routine. Lastly, an excellent tip to consider is to install wall sconces on each side of your mirror to elevate the lighting in your beauty station. 

Add A Touch Of Vintage Feels 

For old souls out there, adding a touch of vintage feels can be another way to satisfy your craving for anything beautifully antique. Upcycling old furniture pieces is an excellent idea if you want to save up on remodeling costs. Do you have old and lackluster cabinets or side tables that you think will no longer be usable? Think again, as you might discover that all they need is repainting or a good replacement of locks and hardware. 

You can put a vintage cabinet or drawer near the mirror and make the space look instantly fab without even trying. If you want a more luxurious look, you can swap the framing of your bathroom mirror into gold and classic ones. Definitely, something European or Victorian style is in the works here, seriously. You can even consider installing new faucets and sinks with gold hardware to match your Victorian theme.

Give The Wall A Makeover 

If your bathroom walls aren’t tiled yet, giving it a makeover can be pretty quick and easy. Peel-off wallpapers are probably the most hassle-free option you can consider, as they’re easy to install and remove when necessary. What’s more, wallpapers also come in tons of prints and colors to choose from. Whether you’re recreating your bathroom to achieve a whimsical, boho, or dramatic theme, there’s surely a pattern or color palette you can go for. 

If you don’t fancy the idea of installing wallpapers, you can also choose to repaint the wall surface. A fresh pop of color could also be the answer to your plain and boring bathroom wall. From daring black to muted beige and other stunning hues, you can always come up with a bold and creative way to revamp the color of your bathroom. Just remember to pick specially formulated paint that can protect the wall from moisture and mold growth.  

Tap Into Stylish Bathroom Storage 

Even for bathrooms with tiny or limited spaces, storage is a necessity. You need a dedicated solution for towels, bottles of shampoo and conditioner, beauty products, as well as other personal effects commonly found and stored in the bathroom. As such, you might want to consider going for stylish bathroom storage ideas that won’t only look good and clutter-free but will also maximize space in the room. 

Shelves are a common sight in bathrooms. But if you want to make it more stylish, tap into floor-standing cabinets, shower caddies, hanging racks, and other creative storage solutions that work in your bath area. For a rustic and laid-back look, you can add wooden crates that can hold rolled bath towels and toilet paper. You can leave the natural wooden color as it is or give the crates a burst of personality by painting them in bright hues.  

Add Plants 

After you’re done painting the wall or installing glam lights, you might feel like there’s still something missing, and you’re not imagining things. There’s something else you can add to liven up the space–bathroom plants

Imagine creating a tropical hideaway in the comfort of your own bathroom by using plants that thrive well in humidity. Whether your bathroom is windowless or filled with natural light, you surely won’t find any shortage of beautiful indoor greeneries to add to your spa-like haven. 

One plant to consider is golden pothos that you can hang on the ceiling or walls. This will surely add a dramatic yet comforting touch, especially when it starts trailing down beautifully. On the other hand, the aloe plant is a low-maintenance plant that’s perfect for homeowners with busy lifestyles. Don’t forget to add a pot or two of snake plants, too, which will look quite stunning, particularly when the leaves are starting to lengthen in a wavy way. 


Revamping your bathroom is no small feat, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to achieve at all. There are more than enough ways to transform and recreate this personal space in your home without going through a major renovation.  

You can spruce up the lighting, change the wallpaper or repaint the wall, add indoor plants for a tropical and cozy feel, as well as create a creative and stylish storage solution to maximize space. There’s so much you can do, and if you feel like trying all the tips above, you can very well do so. If you want, you can even revamp your bathroom every three months or so if you feel like it. 

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