40 Popular Bathroom Mirror Ideas (Vanity, Twin Mirror, Modern, Rustic, Unique)

Bathroom Mirror Ideas – Bathrooms, whether it is a master bathroom, powder room, or pool house bathroom, come in all shapes and sizes. Besides sinks and toilet, one feature which a bathroom requires the most is mirror. Choosing the right bathroom mirror is very fun and sometimes tiring activity since there are lots of options available. In the shape alone, there are rectangular, round, oval, and square. We can also find wall mirror and vanity mirror and they come with different kinds of styles and frames.

Whatever style of mirror you pick, its practical function remains the same: to reflect your own image. Indeed, the homeowner wants more than just its practical function, by decorating every space possible in their house, including their bathroom. Putting perfect style will give better atmosphere and convenience.

Here I have compiled the most attractive and gorgeous mirror bathroom ideas on the internet. Keep reading and have fun!  

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Bathroom Mirror Ideas On Wall

In this list, you will see several wall bathroom mirror ideas in different shapes and styles. You may take one as a reference for your own bathroom and you can shop mirror selections at Luvo Store later.

Round Mirror

Round or circle bathroom mirror is one of my most favorite shapes. The curves can easily fit to any room design plus give more beauty and elegance to it.

One of the keys to making the mirror perfectly blend to the surrounding is matching the frame with the vanity or wall. For example, a thin black frame or frame-less mirror with soft colors such as white and pastel. Another example, you can see these twin round mirrors have a similar color scheme to the vanity.

Oval Shape Mirror

contemporary bathroom mirrors

Oval mirror is actually similar with the round one. If you think about it, oval shape mirror has clear advantage: longer space to reflect your body yet stay slender. You can also put it with different position such as horizontal or oblique. Horizontal position can help to widen the mirror body so that more than one person can fit to it. But if you are tired with generic position, you can also tilted it to make it unique.

Go Square

framed bathroom mirrors over vanity

When you want mirror that can fill out the wall space, then square or rectangular mirror is the best option you had. Big mirror is perfect option for a master bathroom as it can be used by more than one person. You can also customize the size depends on your needs. If you want a personal mirror, just put a it vertically above the sink.

Bathroom Vanity Mirror Ideas

vanity mirrors for bathrooms

Vanity Mirror is often inseparable with powder room or half bathroom. A powder room is actually a small bathroom that usually only contains a toilet and a sink. Sometimes they are also called guest bathrooms or half baths. A powder room lacks of shower or bath tub as it is not used for bathing. Besides sanitary, the room frequently used for women to do their make up. The room is often located on the first floor of a home.

When you wonder why half bath called powder room, the term actually has been around since the 18th Century. It used to be a closet sized room where people applied extra powder to their wigs. People in Victorian times kept the term “powder room” to discreetly excuse oneself.

Today, some women still use term powder room for the half bath, where the phrase “powdering your nose” is used again as a euphemism.

Bathroom Mirror Ideas For Double Vanity

framed bathroom mirror ideas

Double vanity mirror is a perfect match for a master bathroom. Master bathroom is the biggest bathroom in the house. It is usually meant to be used by more than one person at the same time. That’s why we need big mirror or double mirror in a master bathroom. Most of the time, the bathroom is located near the main bedroom.

Rustic Bathroom Mirror Ideas

master bathroom mirror ideas

If you are a fan of rustic style, then these rustic bathroom mirrors may be your best inspiration. Rustic vibes spread through the natural color and material selection of the frames. The shapes can be anything you like, it may be oval, round, square or any other form. The style brings natural and fresh feeling when you are inside the bathroom. What a refreshing retreat, isn’t it?

Unique Bathroom Mirror Frame Ideas

bathroom mirror ideas diy

If you think all of previous mirror ideas are too common, why don’t just customize it? You can customize either the frames or shape, and other things. For example there are mirror with unique frames such as wood trunk and custom glass frames. Putting configuration of mirrors in different size can also an alternative idea. You can also play with the shape such as dog paw mirror above.


As you seen on the article above, there are lots of bathroom mirror ideas to choose. If you have more than one bathroom in the house, you can use different mirror types for them. I hope these pictures can bring new ideas for you. If you have any idea to share regarding the topic above, feel free to email us.

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