5 Ways to Illuminate Your Swimming Pool and Backyard

Illuminating your backyard and swimming pool is a necessary improvement for any landscape project. You can turn your swimming pool and the area surrounding it into a beautiful and fancy backyard resort by properly lighting it. Landscape lighting can be used to highlight the architectural features in your backyard at the same time creating a relaxing environment. 

There are countless options available that you can use when it comes to illuminating your backyard and here are some of the top picks. 

Light up the pool deck

Adding lighting that casts light all throughout your pool deck is a great way to add efficiency as well as protection, not to mention that it would make for a great calming environment. Before adding lights, take into account if there are any sidewalks that lead to or from your pool deck area. During the nighttime, these routes can be hard to navigate which is why adding lights there can make a significant difference. 

In-ground lighting rather than above-ground is an excellent way to illuminate the route especially since there is usually a lot of activity around the pool area. With in-ground lights, you wouldn’t need to be concerned about visitors tripping over them, or the lights being knocked over and destroyed. 

The team from Apex Electric states that, “Good lighting gives the pool deck a dramatic appearance. However, to achieve such results you should add the correct type of lighting to showcase the area in the right way. Additionally, it also depends on the type of deck material you have. For example, for a concrete deck, you would need to require professional assistance for drilling the cores in the concrete to fit the light fixtures.”

Add lights around the trees 

When it comes to decorating the landscape, it is crucial to properly illuminate the trees. Not only do they display natural beauty on their own but will make for a beautiful appearance by wrapping tiny LED string lights around the tree branches as well. 

If you want to uplight your tree, install the light fixture on the ground so it can shine on it in order to highlight the tree’s trunk and branches. This is an excellent way to help highlight the tree’s beautiful features, especially after dark in which the resulting shadows bring attraction.

Whereas to downlight your tree you install the light fixture under the canopy, from where the light beams down. This is also known as “moonlight” and when it shines down, it creates a more romantic atmosphere. This method works well on trees with a hidden backside in order to hide the extended wires for aesthetic purposes.  

Light up the structures 

If there are any structures near your pool, make sure they are well lit so they could bring attention to the whole place. Consider using recessed lighting, if you have a pergola in your backyard in order to illuminate the dining table and make it easier to hold barbecues. The design of the structure is highlighted by uplights fixed to the bottom of the pergola pillars, or installed to the flooring. 

For kitchen spaces by your pool, you could use lights to illuminate the area from high above such as grill lighting, bistro lighting, countertop lighting, and moonlighting. However, if your pool area structures are already equipped with lighting, you can balance the color temperature of the existing light so that everything blends well together.

Add lights to your water features 

Lighting can also help in enhancing the beauty of water features. If you have a beautiful water feature pool in your backyard, you should know that it is the one piece from your house that draws the most attention. With lighting, you will showcase beautiful features such as water fountains, pool jets, waterfalls, and more.

You could try to illuminate your waterfall from below, causing the light to reflect off the water and leave a stunning impression. Additionally, gentle streams of light can be produced by a wash light shining from the edge of the pool or a nearby tree.

Light up the walls

Except for creating a beautiful atmosphere with aesthetically pleasing lights in your outdoor living space, it is also necessary to light up walls so that no one runs into them in the dark. Walls can also serve as sitting walls so lighting them is essential for indicating where people may sit.

If your environment includes any sitting walls, use under cap lighting so it can bring out the beauty of the wall’s material. When lit up in the evening, no matter the material of the wall whether it’s natural stone or a paver, it will take on a whole new appearance. 

With these simple ways, you will illuminate your swimming pool and backyard in a manner that is absolutely breathtaking yet fulfilling of all the practical functions you require. 

Author bio: Liz is a part of the Content team at SunLover Heating, sharing expert knowledge and best tips for home improvement.

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