40 Above-Ground and In-Ground Pool Deck Ideas

Pool deck ideas – A deck is a horizontal surface used to support the weight in home construction. It is similar to a floor, yet constructed outdoors with railings for safety as its position is often connected to the main building and elevated from the ground. The term is taken as a generalization of decks as found on ships.

Deck architecture can be found in several ways: as part of backyard and garden landscaping, to extend the houses, and as a relaxation feature such as patios and poolside.

As the summer is around, swimming pools are not uncommon to find across American backyards,

The swimming pool has two major options, in-ground and above-ground pools. In-ground pools are the perfect option when you frequently do swimming, as they can be deeper and more durable. On the other hand, above-ground pools are the popular option because they’re cheaper, significantly easy to install, and require minimal maintenance. Whatever type of pool you choose, you need a deck surrounding it to enhance the swimming activity experience.  Besides a place to swim, it will provide a sun gathering place for family and friends, sunbathe, dine at the poolside, or visit. So, a well-constructed pool deck, along with weather-resistant pool deck lighting, enhances the beauty of your pool. You can decorate the area with plants, chairs, floating devices, towel stands, and much more to make the area comfortable and stylish.

Here we have rounded several pool deck ideas that you can choose to decorate your own pool. Besides in-ground and above-ground options, the deck can be made of wood, composite, stone, and pavers.

What is the Cheapest Pool Decking?

Between above-ground and In-ground Pool decking, the cheaper option is the first one.

While the cheapest material to build a pool deck is wood or timber, it would be best to remember that a wooden deck is not as durable as other materials such as concrete, stone, or composite. So, if you do not use the pool deck for long, we suggest you go with wooden material, but in the long run, you can go with composite material. Even though the price is a bit higher, it will save your pocket for the maintenance cost.

What is the Coolest Pool Deck Surface?

While the opinion regarding the coolest Pool Deck may vary, we think the stone pool deck is the coolest option. Not only is it the best in durability, but also the most gorgeous in looks. The turndown is the high price for the materials and installment.

What is the Ideal Pool Deck Size?

There is no regulation on the size of the pool deck. Considering the usability, the deck size should be at least 1,5 feet. This will allow you to stand firmly without having to worry about falling. Ideally, the size of the pool deck ranges from 4 to 10 feet. You will be able to do more activities and add more properties to the deck.

Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

above ground pool deck ideas pictures

In some cases and areas, building above-ground pools is the only option as there may be some problems such as soil conditions, high water table, terrain issues, and building and zoning restrictions that can prevent building a pool in the ground. Another issue may be related to the spending budget. Building an in-ground pool is not a cheap decision as it can easily cost $20,000 or more. Consequently, the homeowner may look for a more cost-friendly option.

Some might think that above-ground pools are less attractive compared to in-ground pools. But rest assured, you only need some creative planning, ideas, grading, and decking to make your above-ground pools with decks truly gorgeous and inviting. Of course, costs half as much to build as one of those in-ground pool kits.

Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas on a Budget

above ground pool ideas for my backyard

When you are thinking about the budget, then it varies from a cheap one to a very expensive one. Knowing their cost will explain how much you must prepare to build a pool deck.

We can start estimating the price by selecting the materials. Pool decking often uses timber as the main material. However, not all timbers are suitable for pool decking, and some will be more expensive than others. There are also other materials such as composite, stone, pavers, and concrete.
With the help of a pressure washer together with an automatic pool cleaner, you’ll clean your pool or patio deck faster and with cleaner results. Using some pool cleaner, you can cut your cleaning time in half. Here you can check the ultimate guide to automatic pool cleaners.

Indeed, wood material is the most affordable compared to other materials. For pool decking purposes, we recommend hardwoods over softwoods because they last longer outdoors.

In-ground Pool Deck Ideas

pictures of above-ground pools with decks

When you are quite tight in the budget plan, an in-ground pool will not be on your list. But this is the answer if you are looking for a pool that can add value to your house.

For many people, in-ground swimming pools are more attractive than above-ground pools. They simply resemble natural bodies of water, unlike the latter.

Moreover, in-ground swimming is highly customizable as you can design it to any form you wish. Furthermore, there is plenty of add-ons available in the market, including tanning ledges and attached spas. There is also a diving board that is technically impossible to add above the ground pool due to its lack of depth.

Aside from the expensive building cost, the turndown of the in-ground pool also comes from the expensive maintenance cost, kits, and intensive labor time.

What is the Best Deck Around a Pool?

There are several options available for your pool deck ranging from wooden material, concrete material, composite material, stone material, and even pavers material.

Let’s just break down these materials one by one.

Concrete Materials

pool deck ideas for above ground pools

Concrete pool decks give you the advantage of their flexibility to design the desired color, texture, and pattern. Moreover, it needs low maintenance and is great for long-run material. As for the pool deck requirement, the materials must be easy on bare feet, splinter-proof, and slip-resistant. Concrete pool material can easily meet these criteria.

Wood Materials

free pool deck plans

Wooden material for pool decks is easier to customize and install as it is very easy to shape and cut. You can easily design it to get a contemporary, traditional, or unique look for your deck. As for pool deck usage, we recommend you choose hardwood because it can withstand harsh weather and pool chemical.

You can use several types of hard timber for your pool decks, such as Blackbutt, Merbau, Spotted Gum, Jarrah, and Fiji Mahogany.

Composite Materials

wood decks above ground pools

The composite may look similar to wood, but some key differences exist. It is moisture-resistant, allowing them to be installed in high moisture conditions without decaying. Furthermore, composite also requires less maintenance as it only needs some sweeping or washing to keep the boards looking good. The only let down of composite is the significantly higher price.

Stone Materials

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Generally, stone material gives our spaces and properties a high-class and luxurious feel. When you are planning to install stone materials on your pool decking, there are several options you can choose from, such as limestone, slate, sandstone, travertine, flagstone, marble, coral stone, granite, and blue stone.

Pavers Materials

swimming pool deck

Pool Deck Lighting Ideas

free above ground pool deck plans

The pool deck is not the only space you need for the daytime; you can also use it for an entertaining area, pathways, or even an outdoor cooking area. If you want to use the deck in the evening, then you must install deck lighting on it. There are several ways of installing lighting on your deck. Besides choosing suitable lighting, you must consider the placement for practical reasons, such as near the cooking area or lighting up the pathways.

Pool Deck Decorating Ideas

decorating an above ground pool

Decorations are important to make our space stunning and inviting. Good decorations also bring comfort and relief to the homeowner. You can choose some add-ons for your decks, including a small table, outdoor lounge chair, umbrella, decorative lantern, outdoor bar set, pergolas, or even a mini fridge. Just bring the things you need!

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