7 Ways To Save On Bathroom Renovation In 2022

A bathroom is one of the few places inside your home wherein you can relax and take the day off as you take on a delightful bubble bath. However, if your bathroom’s appearance is already outdated or isn’t giving you that calming ambiance, you might need to do some renovation and updates. This way, you can keep up with the latest trend and allow your bathroom to reach its full potential.  

If you plan on renovating your bathroom, there are more things you need to keep in mind rather than ensuring to achieve its beauty. Of course, with any household renovation, you’ll need to prepare some money to make things happen. However, if you’re on a budget, you might need to make some necessary adjustments to ensure you achieve your end goal without burning your pockets. With that, listed below are some ways to save on bathroom renovation this 2022:  

1. Hire A Reliable Team 

While it might seem a bit contrary, hiring the best and most reliable team can help to save you money when it comes to bathroom renovation. If you try to do everything yourself and don’t know how each part is specifically done, you might only cause more problems which could lead to higher costs due to the repair and replacement you need to do. To avoid any inconvenience and unnecessary expense, you should hire a reliable team to work on your bathroom renovation. 

A professional should be able to know everything there is to learn to deliver quick and reliable results for your bathroom. You can click here to see a dedicated team or choose to look for other businesses that are more accessible to your home. Just ensure you hire a team you can trust, as they’ll handle a very delicate part of your home.  

2. Don’t Change The Floor Plan 

One of the biggest factors that affect any bathroom renovation cost is changing the plumbing system. While it might seem small from the outside as it feels like just moving the sink from one side to the other, it’s quite costly as you need to dig deep and do some relocation, which can be quite delicate, especially since you need to ensure that your plumbing is in their best and reliable position.  

To avoid overspending or to handle extra costs, you should keep your floor plan as it is and just replace your fixtures if you want to keep them updated. You can just work on the different areas of your bathroom, such as the cabinets, tiles, mirrors, decors, lights, and such. But don’t move any of your plumbing and just let them sit as it is.  

3. Reuse As Much As Possible 

If your bathroom fixtures are still in good condition, you should reuse them as much as possible. While it might help give you a fully renovated bathroom look, it can surely help you cut costs and save money. It’s also a great way to avoid buying unnecessary things when your bathroom still has one in its best shape.  

You can reuse your cabinetry, toilet, sink, mirror, and more. This will help keep everything in place, avoid extra work, and save money, which can benefit your pocket and time.  

4. Repaint Your Cabinets 

For your bathroom cabinets, you should consider repainting them instead to give them a quick refresh. While replacing the entire cabinet would surely help to give your bathroom a refreshing look, they’re not the best budgetary move you can make for your pocket. To save on cost, you should just repaint your cabinets in a brand-new color and allow your bathroom to look amazing.

To save more on your cabinet repainting project, you might want to consider repainting your cabinets yourself. This will help you save on costs as you won’t be hiring a professional to do all the work for you. However, you still need to check the cabinet’s condition and see if it’s still a perfect candidate for repainting or do you need to replace them to avoid any problems.  

5. Shop At Salvage Stores 

A great money-saving tip you can surely benefit from is shopping at salvage stores. Surprisingly, salvages stores don’t just accommodate furniture and other building materials, such as wood planks, and metals, they also carry some bathroom essentials which you can use for your renovation project. You can shop for tiles, handles, fixtures, and more.  

However, when shopping at salvage stores, set your expectations as they don’t come in a brand-new condition as they’d most probably have a few chips and dents on their corners. But that’s the reason why they usually come with a large discount. Nonetheless, when shopping at salvage stores, ensure that you check its condition well and see if its issues are something you’d be comfortable having at home.  

6. Refinish Your Fixtures 

When it comes to bathroom shopping, it’s evident that bathroom fixtures are quite expensive. This’ll include your tubs, toilet, and sink. However, they’re a bathroom necessity, so you must ensure that you keep them in your toilet. However, if you’re trying to cut costs, you might want to consider looking for ways to avoid spending too much, especially if you already have one at home.  

One way to save on fixtures is to refinish the existing ones inside your bathroom. As you refinish them, you can allow them to look brand-new, giving your bathroom an instant boost. Moreover, refinishing your fixtures is a lot more affordable than buying new ones that serve the same purpose inside the room.  

7. Limit Tile Usage 

Unless you’re planning to have a wet room, you might want to consider limiting your tile usage inside your bathroom. While it’s pretty common for most households to cover their entire bathroom with tiles from floor to walls, it might be unnecessary, especially if you’re planning to have an enclosed shower space, limiting water exposure around the room. 

To save on cost, you should only place tiles where you need them and let everything use vinyl flooring or paint to make the entire room look complete. Even if it seems small, tile and labor costs are quite expensive, especially when hiring professionals for it. Moreover, it can also help to give your bathroom a more modern look as you mix various elements while still allowing everything to work out.  


Saving costs on your bathroom renovation is extremely important as this project can be quite costly if you don’t plan it well. But with the right preparation, you should be able to give yourself a better-looking bathroom without breaking the bank. For starters, you shouldn’t change the layout, reuse some of your fixtures, repaint your cabinet, or hire the best team. While it might seem a bit more work, the benefits it’ll bring to your house and pockets would surely be worth it.  

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