9 Different Ways of Arranging a Bookshelf

In this digital age, there are many people who still prefer a paperback. Although audible books and online reading apps are good, the experience of reading a narrative from books is incomparable. Some people are so involved in books that they keep on piling up their bookshelves, bags, drawers, and every corner of the home with books.

These people are obsessed with books, and they prefer buying books rather than reading them from online sources. If you are one of those people who love to have books in their homes, then make sure that you keep them neat. Books are meant to be preserved and cared for just like any other precious thing. If your home is filled with a lot of books and you are looking forward to arranging them, then this article will be helpful to you.

Arranging the books will not only keep your bookshelf neat and clean but will also add an elegant look to your home. You can consider purchasing some decorative items to add to your bookshelf so that it looks more attractive.

So, let’s start looking at different ways in which you can arrange your bookshelf.

Random Order

If you don’t have a lot of books, then don’t get into too much trouble by arranging them. You can place them in random order that offers a casual appearance. People who don’t bother about keeping the books arranged in specific manners can choose this option. Also, many people are so familiar with their book collection that they don’t need to arrange them in any pattern. Thus, a random order is one of the ways in which you can organize your books.

Colour Theme

The most attractive way of arranging the books is by placing them as per the colours. It looks great as you arrange them with a colour-changing cover from one shade to another. You can pick up any pattern, such as linear, diagonal, rainbow, or straight, or arrange them in contrasting hues.

You should opt for the colour theme option for arranging your bookshelf only if you have vast collections of books. This is because if you have one or two books of the same colour on a shelf, it won’t match the whole collection, and it will look incomplete.

Alphabetical Order

Arranging your books in alphabetical order is another option you can choose if you have a big collection. Here, you have two ways to organize them, such as arrange according to the title name or the author’s name. If you have a series of books by the same author, then consider arranging them according to the author’s name. This arrangement will give easier access to books for you and your family members.

Height Wise

Most of the books have the same height, but some of them might vary. If you don’t have many books of different heights, then this would not be a great option for you. Contrarily, if you have an extensive collection of books, you can arrange them as per their height. You can place them in the increasing or decreasing order of their heights as per your choice. Another way of organizing them is by creating unique patterns, such as analogue or digital waves from their heights. It looks attractive only when you have a considerable amount of books. So, give it a try and check how it looks on your bookshelf, or else you have many other options.


Arranging books according to genre is the most common and easiest way to arrange a bookshelf. It gives easy access to pick up a book as per your mood. You can categorize the books into various sections such as fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, romance, horror, biographies, self-help, and many others. But to arrange your books in this manner, you need to be aware of what is the category of your books.


Many books have sequels, and if you start reading one of them, you would definitely have the other parts as well. Thus, arranging the books as per the series is one way that many book lovers prefer for their bookshelves. This arrangement also allows you to add decorative looks to your bookshelf as you can purchase the mini-creatures of the book’s characters and add them to specific sections of the shelf.

As per your liking

You might have a plethora of books, and some of them will be close to your heart. There could also be some books that you feel like reading every time even though you have read them 100 times. Hence, you can keep the books you love in separate sections while the ones that you don’t read much in another section. You can also pile up your favourite ones in the lower compartment so that you can easily grab them.

Arrange them in order of most-liked, medium, and least-liked books so that it becomes convenient to pick them as per your mood.

Read and Unread

If you have piled up your bookshelf with a lot of books and haven’t read them all, then categorizing them as per the read and unread books would be better for you. This way, you will have a clear idea of which books are still pending on your reading list and which are not. Once you have read them all, you can choose any of the above arranging methods to move them in decent order.

Sections and Sub-Sections:

You can select multiple arranging options, create sections, and then sub-sections in the books. For example, consider categorizing them as per genre and then selecting any other arranging way such as sorting by alphabetical order or by colour. This helps keep them in similar categories and allows you to recognize them per the sub-section order.


Make sure to keep your bookshelf accessible rather than focusing only on its appearance. If you want to make it creative, add some artwork for a captivating look. We feel that you should keep experimenting with all these different ways of arranging your bookshelf and see which one suits you best.

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