Transform Your Mangy Backyard Lawn Into An Inviting Outdoor Oasis

You gaze out upon your backyard and despair. Once upon a time, there was a lawn here, but now the few remaining clumps of withered grass are surrounded by encroaching weeds or, worse yet, patches of ugly, barren ground. The shrubberies you so carefully planted have all been overwhelmed by pernicious weeds.

You’ve seen vacant lots that look more inviting! Don’t dwell on how it happened; in these busy times, garden care can easily fall by the wayside- you intended to do the mowing and the watering, you really did, but somehow it just got all out of control, leaving you with this unpleasant wasteland.

Yes, it isn’t good, but it doesn’t have to stay that way! Take control of your home’s slice of the outdoors and make it yours again! Here are some tips to combine comfort with the beauty of nature to create a serene, low-maintenance oasis. You will love it so much that you may never want to return inside again!

New Stone Patio

At this point, the sensible thing to do is to dig up the grim remnants of your former lawn and get rid of it! You’re going to replace that mess with a lovely, natural stone patio that provides an inviting, comfortable surface to relax in your lawn chair on, with no more lawn care to be bothered with. There are a variety of attractive materials to choose from- sandstone, bluestone, travertine, granite, and even concrete pavers will transform that barren patch of ground into a comfortable and attractive place. Ensure you care for your stonework properly with Natural Stone Cleaningwhich cleanses and protects so you can enjoy your patio for a lifetime!

The Amenities

Now that your stonework is laid, it’s time to add the amenities that will make it your favorite place! Why not start with an above-ground firepit? This fun feature provides a focal point for the family to gather around, or if you’re alone, a warm, cheerful friend on a chilly night. Your new patio is going to need furniture, of course! While comfort is key, you also need to think about choosing materials that are going to be able to weather the elements. If you plan on spending time outside in the heat of the day, go for some giant picnic umbrellas, they can provide soothing shade and a festive atmosphere! So many options are available to make your patio special.

The Vegetation 

That mangy mess of weeds is gone, but some soothing vegetation is a must-have for any outdoor space. Water is in short supply these days, so instead of the usual thirsty ornamentals, why not put it in drought-resistant species? For the best results, go native! Australian plants are attractive, hearty, and require minimal care; they’re the perfect natural touch for your new patio!

There you have it; now you can relax in your outdoor oasis. Enjoy!

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