Best DIY Patio Ideas (With Material Options Guide)

DIY Patio Ideas – As the season get warmer, we tend to spend our time outdoors. Public Park, or garden can be great option for family time. But why don’t we just employ our backyard and garden into something new and wow? We don’t have to go far to feel refreshed, right? Let’s just turn our unused space into a beautiful patio that can relax our soul and mind.

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Most of the time, patio is the forgotten part of the house that remain untouched.  How does your veranda look? Do you put small chair with old table there? put some potted plants, or just left it empty?

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The unused space can be turned into a small beautiful place where you can sip your morning coffee, busy with your newspaper, family gathering, talking with friend or just sit and relax on our own.

What to Have on Your Patio?

Besides sofa, chair, or table, you can also add more properties to the space to give more values to your patio. You can try a fire table, fireplace, fire pit, kitchen, grilled station, garden, or ponds near the patio.

Adding fireplace or fire pit on your patio will ensure the warmth of the place. The sweet talking won’t be distracted by the chill of the outside weather. Besides, kitchen or grilled station is a perfect option when you have a larger space. Hence, the space can be used to do family gathering while have BBQ party. The gathering will be flat if you don’t have hot meal, right?

photo by Pinterest
photo by Pinterest

Small garden and extra ponds will bring fresh look to your space. Imagine you work all day seeing the traffic and all the crowded stuff. After the work time, you need to refresh your eyes and relax before doing another activity.

You may also want to separate your patio from the rest of your outdoor space with decorative metal railings to carve a special spot for relaxing, intimate gatherings, and family activities.

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Choose the Right Material for your Patio

When talking about materials, there are at least five basic materials for your patio design. They are concrete, brick, flagstone, pavers, tile, cut stone, and loose and mixed materials. The materials will be determined mostly by personal preference which includes the location of the patio, budget, and the space size. It will represent your taste and personal expression.

1. Concrete Patios

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Of all the materials presented, concrete might be the most common and easiest to install material. Furthermore, It is durable, long-lasting, and versatile material available for your patio. Moreover, it is also more economical compared to the other material presented here, especially when you do it yourself. Thus, most DIYers will go to concrete material as it is easier to do. We can choose any designs and colors because it is cut and dyed easily.

If you are unsure on how to DIY’s the concrete to your patio, here is Bob guide for you to DIY’s your floor.

Get the Guide

2. Brick Patios

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Brick materials is a little more expensive than concrete, but it is still affordable. Compared to the concrete, brick will hold longer through the test of time. The downside, however, since it is hard to cut, it might not a friendly project for DIYers.

But if you are a challenge seeker, it is still possible to do it by yourself. Here is the perfect guide from family handyman for you

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3. Flagstone Patios

Photo by Ketron Custom Builders

Flagstone is perfect material option if you want to have a natural look to your patio. It can be installed on the surface of sand and gravel dry bed or just mortared to existing concrete slab.

Before starting the project, you must know it is a heavy duty job that might not suit everyone.

Kyle Ingham portrait his flagstone project as a “childbirth birth”. The process was like a hell yet after the installation process is done, it is satisfying as hell.

If you are interested to DIY a flagstone project, here a guide by Kyle Ingham for you.

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backyard patio ideas on a budget
Photo by Ketron Custom Builders

4. Pavers Patios

Photo by Coates Design Architects Seattle

Another material to consider for you patio is pavers. Paving stones or brick pavers are individual units made from several materials such as natural stone, concrete or brick. These pieces are joined together, which makes a flexible system that is extremely sturdy.

Some people might confused whether to add sealer or just left it without sealer. Sealer is a good addition to prevent unintended stuff such as stain, mold, ant colonies, weeds, or loose joint sand.

inexpensive patio ideas
Photo by Coates Design Architects Seattle

5. Other Loose and Mixed Materials Patios

Photo by Patina Home Design

Once you are working with relatively small space, loose materials are the right choice for you. The materials used can be consist of single materials or mixture of several materials. Some materials which can be used for the flooring include Pea gravel or crushed stone, Aggregate stone, Bark mulch, Rubber mulch, Decomposed granite, and Sand.

When you consider to mix the materials, in order to create a visually attractive flooring object, you must combine it wisely. The combinations are endless, but it must be well-planned and organized although should be well-planned. Aside from materials mentioned above, you can also add brick, concrete, flagstone, pavers, and tile.

small patio ideas on a budget
Photo by Patina Home Design

More DIY Patio Ideas

Do you still need more ideas regarding the patio design? Rest assured. We have rounded up several DIY patio images that will be useful to arouse your creative mind

1. DIY Outdoor Patio Ideas

cheap patio ideas for do it yourself
Photo by VGC NYC Inc.

diy patio ideas on a small budget
Photo by Abigail’s Gardens

patio designs for small yards
Photo by a Blade of Grass

If you are living in a city, having a small garden in the backyard is great idea. Not only it will provide you fresh air, but also will give green look that will refresh your mind. Consider the patio is Oases in your house.

2. DIY Back Patio

do it yourself patio
Photo by Notting Hill Gardens | Design Build Construction

diy back patio
Photo by Alvarez Homes

diy garden ideas
Photo by GLR Arquitectos / Gilberto L. Rodriguez

It is always be tempting to maximize our small outdoor space. One of the options is having a small patio.

3. Covered Patio Pictures

covered patio pictures
Photo by KDL Architects
outdoor patio designs
Photo by Kikuchi + Kankel Design Group
family backyard design
Photo by Tanner Consulting LLC- Landscape Architecture

When you are wondering about the sun heat, having cover for patio is a great option. It will enable you to stay outdoor even under the summer hot days.

4. Small Patio Ideas

cheap outdoor patio ideas
Photo by Jacalyn Gould Landscape Architect

diy outdoor patio ideas
Photo by Gunn Landscape Architecture

Photo by Elayne Barre Photography

Photo by Jacalyn Gould Landscape Architect

Urban people sometimes have problems to manage the stress level. Then Patio, as a leisure space can be little remedy to cure the problems. Investing small budget to your space won’t be a big matter right?

5. Stone Patio Ideas

Photo by Kovet Design Group
Photo by Cavanaugh Home Staging And Redesign
Photo by Outdoor Dreams

Stone patio has good reputation in bringing natural look due to its organic material and natural color. While installing it by yourself can be a hard work, calling professional to do the job will be great option too. Having stone patio is a great choice for natural lover – DIY Patio Ideas

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