Top Considerations When Choosing Between Wood, Concrete And Steel Structures

For many years the traditional property in Australia was a wood-framed house. This was partly due to the abundance of wood and the ease 4with which it could be harvested. It is also worth noting that wood is a natural insulator, helping to keep your home warm. 

However, it is no longer the only option. Many modern homes are being built with either concrete or steel. That means you need to consider which is best for your building project.

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The Cost

Building a structure from concrete tends to be the most expensive option. This is because large amounts of materials need to be brought on-site and then processed to make the concrete. That means there needs to be a larger workforce, and it will take longer to create the structure.

In contrast, steel is the cheapest option. If you use reputable steel suppliers in Sydney, you can design the entire structure and leave them to create the steel pieces you need. They will then be delivered to the site and bolted together. You need very few people on-site, and the structure can be put together in very little time.

Wood can also be delivered and erected in the same way. However, while individual pieces of wood may be cheaper, you’ll need more wood as it doesn’t have the strength of steel 

Potential For Extreme Weather

When choosing a construction material, you’ll need to think about extreme weather. If you are building in an area known to suffer from bush fires, then wood is a poor choice. Steel and concrete are more capable of withstanding the heat of the fire. They can also withstand hurricanes and even earthquakes, although it is worth noting that steel is generally better at withstanding earthquakes than concrete.

Environmental Factors

Although you can get concrete-neutral blocks, the general concrete mixing process is harmful to the planet. Concrete releases CO2 when mixed, which is not beneficial for the environment. In contrast, you can use reclaimed or sustainably harvested wood with minimal environmental impact.

The same can be said for steel as it is now 100% recycled, virtually eliminating any environmental impact.

If you’re concerned about the environment, steel or wood needs to be your material of choice. 


Concrete can last for many years and remain strong. It is impervious to pest damage, but you need to be cautious with water and moisture in the walls. Water can cause corrosion to the metal framework inside the concrete. This is referred to as concrete cancer and can weaken your structure. 

In contrast, providing steel is not damaged; it has a coating that protects it from the water, allowing it to stay strong for years. It’s also impervious to pests. That’s a big difference from wood which is frequently attacked by termites and other pests, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

In short, if you opt for a wood structure, you’ll need to regularly maintain it to avoid having a pest issue. In most scenarios, steel is the better option when creating a structure. 

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