How to Decorate with Flowers: 6 Ideas to Try

One of the best parts of owning a home or renting an apartment is decorating the space. While there are several ways to decorate, the best is to use flowers. They can introduce a lot of color and brightness into a room and come in many styles, shapes, and colors. They are also easier than ever to get, and online flowers delivery can get them right to your door quickly.

But with so many options when it comes to decorating with flowers, how are you supposed to choose? Well, that’s where we come in. This article will go over six ideas you should try when decorating with flowers.

Keep it Simple

One of the best ways to decorate your home with flowers is to keep it simple. Flowers are very bright, boisterous, and don’t need a lot of help to capture attention and look great. A simple bouquet in a vase on a mantle, shelf, or countertop can look stunning with just about any decor.

Even the most basic bouquet or arrangement will add to the look of any room in your home. Of course, choose a color that blends well with the space and ensure that the flowers are kept healthy and watered.

Use Dried Flowers

While fresh flowers are a lovely and popular choice for decorating a home, they aren’t the only ones. An increasingly popular option is for people to utilize dried flowers when decorating their homes. Dried flowers can often provide a more subtle look than fresh flowers and are often paler and muted in their colors.

This can fit well with many types of decor and are perfect for those who don’t want a ton more brightness or color to be introduced into their space. Many dried flowers will also last longer than fresh flowers, making decorating easier and more affordable in the long run.

You can dry out fresh flowers yourself but can also buy flowers that have already been dried, too. There are also many ways to repurpose dried flowers once you display them. You can frame them, make potpourri, bath products, and do more.

Hang Them From the Ceiling

Consider hanging them from the ceiling to add uniqueness and excitement to your floral decor. This outside-the-box idea can look stunning and is something many people have never seen before. You can hang them in suspended bottles, hang dried flowers, use hanging planters, or do anything else you think would look good. Depending on your preferences, you can hang a single flower or two or fill a room with several.

There are also several ways to hang or display your flowers from walls. Using verticality is a great way to add flowers without taking up a ton of space, and it can certainly make a room look more interesting and unique.

Get Creative With the Container

While the flowers in your home are important, so are the containers that hold them. The vases and pots that you put flowers in can make or break your arrangement, so be careful. It should be the right size and fit with the decor in a given room.

Many people will also try things like repurposing household items to create unique vases. You can essentially turn anything into a vase, from an old boot to a watering can. Whatever you make, ensure it is a safe place to put the flowers and fits with your overall style and decor throughout the home.

Also, if you are into pottery, you could create your vase and decorate/design it any way you see fit. There are no right or wrong options when it comes to what you should put your flowers in, so don’t be scared to think outside the box.

Use Flower Heads

Many people will display full flowers, but that is not the only way. Many people decide to remove the heads from their flowers and put those on display. These can be put in bowls or placed anywhere you think needs a splash of color and sophistication. It is unique and something many people may have never seen before.

These flower heads can also highlight and draw attention to things like art, statues, books, or other mementos in the home. They are incredibly versatile, and mixing and matching different colors or styles can look incredible.

Another great option is to float these flower heads in a water bowl. This is a very creative display and one that will surely impress anyone who sees it. Not only can this look good, but it can keep the flower heads as healthy as possible and keep them colorful.

Create a Custom Centerpiece


Flowers can always attract attention, but one of the best ways to catch people’s eyes with your flowers is to create a stunning centerpiece. This will reside at the center of your table and impress any dinner guest and visitor you have.

These can be bought pre-made but can also be designed in any way that you see fit. You can use fresh flowers, dried flowers, and any sort of greenery that you desire. These can be small and subtle or take up a ton of space and demand attention from anyone who sees it.

This can also be changed depending on the season. Certain flowers and plants are associated with different seasons, so don’t hesitate to switch up how the centerpiece looks every once in a while to keep things fresh and match well with the decor in your house.

In conclusion, any of these ideas are great options to decorate your home beautifully with flowers. There are many ways to decorate with flowers, so try a few out and see what you prefer and what looks the best in your space.

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