How to Tell if a Light Switch is Bad

As with every other device, light switches wear and tear until it eventually stops working. Sometimes, your light switch just completely gives up on you and stops working. It gives much more subtle signs to say it requires a change at other times.

The more obvious signs your light switch might give you include:

Not turning on

There’s no mistaking this sign for anything else. It is telling you in bold letters to make changes. You want to start by changing your bulb first to be certain. If your light doesn’t turn on after that, you should change your switch pronto.

An audible pop when you press the switch

Because switches are made of various moving parts, hearing a pop when pressing the switch might mean you have loose wire connections. It would be best to have this checked out by a level 2 electrician to rule out any further electrical complications.

Some other subtle signs telling you your light switch is bad are:

Switch sparking

Despite how it might sound, it is not unusual to see a little spark when you turn your light switch on or off on rare occasions. If, however, there is an audible snap sound with a large spark as you press your switch, it is a clear indication that your light switch has gone bad and should be changed. 

Switch feeling warm

When turning off your light switch after it has been on for a long time, it is normal to feel a bit of warmth from the switch. This is because the process of lightning also generates a bit of heat. Another possible explanation for the warmth could be loose wires in the connection. If you have ruled out this possibility and your light switch still feels hot, it means you need to replace your switch.

Switch becoming finicky

When your bulb takes a moment or two to turn off or on after you’ve pressed the switch, or it refuses to turn on or off occasionally, it might be a sign your switch has gone bad.

First, you should try to change your bulb to make sure the fault isn’t the bulbs. If the problem persists after changing it, you should consider replacing your light switch as it might have gone bad.

Switch becoming noisy

A good light switch works noiselessly at all times. If your light switch starts making a buzzing or popping sound while working, this means something is malfunctioning, and the switch needs changing.

The switch feels funny to touch

Sometimes, your fingers tell you when something is wrong with your light switch. When the stiff toggler level of your switch suddenly becomes loose or the other way round, this might be telling you that the switch is worn out and in need of a replacement.

Paying attention to simple details of electrical appliances and duly replacing them at the first onset of malfunctioning helps to prevent further trouble and ultimately saves you a lot of stress, time, and money.  

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