Easter Decorating Ideas (Last Minutes Easter Inspirations)

Easter Decorating Ideas – When Easter is coming, you will be a bit busy in preparing the celebration. You have to make Easter party decorations from the door to the table. Decorating for Easter will be mostly bright, have many eggs, and some unique accessories. To find your ideal style, you need to do some research just like looking below here.

 You can create your own decorating, which out of the usual rule. This year, you can make some fresh touch, modern, and unique way for your home party. Starting from white tulip on the table and lovely ribbon, or come with egg and cake ideas. Those options are to make your house charming than usual. Still, the most important thing, by the decor, your family can enjoy and feel happiness in the Easter.

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1. Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

For Easter egg decorating, the best way is by having dip-dying for colorful and exciting egg display. You can start with the simple one, such as drawing on the unpainted egg. A simple step like this can create bigger work such as monogrammed eggs or brushed gold eggs.

a. Funny Egg Easter Design

Source: Pinterest

This funny egg comes from the design you create on the skin. You have to cover all the skin with a certain character of animals or cartoon. Just like this woodland animal eggs, that create some smiles into the eggs. This design is adorable and break the rules for looking worthy. Your kids will love these eggs since it is cute with a colorful touch.

b. Monster Egg

Source: apumpkinandaprincess.com

Thinking about the new character to put on your eggs, you can imitate these creative ideas from Pixar movies. There are many movies with interesting characters you can draw. Just the example, you can draw balloon from UP movie, or Wazowski from Monster, inc. Movie. This idea can attract the kids, and you can give this as a gift.

c. Emoticon Egg

Source: Pinterest

The egg in the Easter is the way you say a message. It can mean everything to someone given. To complete your message, you can draw a yellow face with a particular expression, just like emoji. You have to cover all the eggs are with yellow color and then try to add the feeling. It will be fun when giving or making it.

3. Outdoor Easter Decorating Ideas

Front Door Decoration

Garden Decoration

Front Yard Decoration

2. Easter Cookie Decorating Ideas

Mostly theme used while Easter is baby chicks, bunnies, or pastel colors that surely excite your day. It can create a good look at your table and make the treatments more delicious. To make it more adorable, you can create some decorated cookie. Not only useful in appearance but the cookie also yummy in taste.

a. Egg, Carrot, and Bunnies

Source: Pinterest

As the identity of Easter, egg, and bunny must come in every session. For the cookie, you can try this idea in your home. Make some egg-form cookies with different style and color over it. Then, put the same size and color of the carrot and rabbit. It will make a perfect combination on the table.

b. Keep Digging!

Source: Pinterest

To create something unique and eye-catching, this Easter bunnies decoration while digging can be the best one. With the square shape, color it with green as the ground and form the carrot. For the bunny, you only have to create their back and little legs. It will be fun and bring some creativity.

c. Cute Cookies

Source: Pinterest

Last, the best suggestion for the Easter cookie is this colorful cute cookie. What makes different here is the color combination with the white as the base color. Over it, you can create some patterns such as flower, mouse face, or some other. Just release your creativity on the cookies as the canvas.

3. Easter Cake Decorating Ideas

Your table will feel nothing if you don’t have a cake for Easter. It is a must to serve an Easter dessert table. A delicious cake for the centerpiece will level up your family spirit. It will not leave behind to end any meal without it. You can start decorating your cake from the color and go further with texture. There are many ideas for decorating the cake, here we present some of the best.

a. Tree Stump

Source: Pinterest

This gorgeous cake will attract the eyes of your family when it comes to the centerpiece. Your kids will like this and want to eat the cake over and over again. You have to cover all the cake surface with chocolate cream and add some plants decoration to the side of the cake. Don’t forget to have the bunny as it is the icon of the Easter.

b. Yellow Rabbit

Different from before, this bright care brings joy to your party. The blue color is the base and adds carrot decoration around the cake. On the top, a yellow bunny will be the sign of Easter.

4. Easter Cupcake Decorating Ideas

When Easter is coming, you will serve everything on the table from the cookies, cake, or even cupcakes. For something wonderful at the day, one of the alternatives is you can serve cupcakes with some beautiful decorated. Your family and relative will praise you spontaneously when you see the decorated cupcake.

a. Egg Nest

Source: Pinterest

You can try something different, just like this beautiful cupcake. These colorful eggs will attract your kids and relative. Put this at the table and will look completely gorgeous side to side with the cake. Don’t make this nest in a small amount because it will not be enough for the kids.

b. Carrot Cupcake

Source: Pinterest

For making your table and dishes more different, come and try this carrot garden on the table. The cupcake will look like the ground where you plant the carrot. To make it real, put some leaf as the decoration on the carrot. The bunny will not let this leave on the table.


You’ve had the options for your decorating at Easter. From the cookies until the cakes, the Easter decorations will lighten and cheer up the mood at the Easter party. As you have the choice, don’t put too much combination if they will break and no longer link to the theme. You can combine it, but still, your taste of art must follow after.

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