Easter Basket Ideas (Easy DIY Easter Inspirations)

Everyone will be happy when Easter is coming as well as they have a holiday. More than it, the Easter will bring some complex thought of brainstorming and planning. It is starting from what cake that you will serve to the family. After that, you have to choose the gift for kids or even adults. Before thinking about it further, why don’t we come to think about the Easter basket ideas, which will bring any of the above.

 There are many options for easter basket which suit some ages and styles. The basic basket will be like a store-bought basket and fill it with something interesting. When it is for kids or toddlers, you can choose something unique and colorful for bringing some smiles into them.

 For another alternative, you can craft your basket with your creativity. So, you can do everything with Easter baskets. For your reference, kindly scroll down here for some of the best easter basket ideas.

1. Easter Basket Ideas for Adults

For adults, when Easter coming, they are busy preparing eggs, hunting, meals, or basket for kids. With that activity, it doesn’t mean they cannot have candy and gifts too. You can set up a basket for an adult with a different present inside it. For more ideas, you can choose based on the basket type or particular basket theme that will suit them.

a. Wooden Easter Basket

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This Easter basket is really warm with the brown color of the wood. For an adult, the simplicity with some unique Easter gifts will be cheering them up. In the wooden basket, you can put a bunch of flowers and some other accessories as a gift. Putting some colorful eggs and scarf just show your love and happiness to them.

b. Rustic Basket

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The color and the material of the basket say the rustic style is coming. On the other hand, this basket designed for a girl that you can see from the goodies inside. There are fashion magazines, a mini bottle of champagne, sheet masks, candy, and other girl stuff. However, the basket design allows you to give it to male as the goodies changes.

2. Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

It is a joyful thing when you’re preparing Easter basket for toddlers. Before it, you can set it up with egg hunt and then give them the basket filled with colorful and cheer stuff. Dolls, toys, or storybook is the option for filling the basket. You must choose the best gift that suits with toddlers.

a. Baby Girl Basket

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This idea is a simple one. You can use the usual basket and fill it up with some important stuff for toddlers. There are kids’ shampoo, body wash, toys, and so on. Because it is for the girl, don’t forget to put some hair accessories such as hair lip and bunny headband. For the basket, putting colorful ribbons and rabbit card is another nice idea.

b. Simple Toddler Basket

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Just like the title, this simple Easter basket is don’t have much-decorating stuff but still the best gift for Easter day. You can fill the basket with some toys such as a car, ball, and little duck. Further, don’t forget to have a baby water bottle as the main present. This idea suits any baby, whether a boy or girl.

3. Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

You can easily find the best Easter basket for boys because usually, it is something simple. Putting candy or some outdoor toys will be a base idea you can have. If they already have some candy in Easter hunt, just limit it and put another art stuff and reading material. To look more idea, let’s see some of the Easter basket ideas for boys here.

a. Snacks in a Hat

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The kind of basket will be various; one of them is a hat. The boys will like this because they can wear it for more days. In the hat, you can fill with candies, chocolates, or snacks. This Easter basket hat is an interesting and unique idea.

b. Basket Trucks

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Another unique idea again for the boy is using a toy, a truck. Don’t limit yourself with a common basket that might be bored. With this truck, your boy will like it because he can play with it. Putting various candies and another toy will be good stuff to fill.

4. Easter Basket Ideas for Teens

There is no age limit for giving an Easter basket. In the growing aged like teenagers, they might think it does not suit their age, but we can change the basket or even the stuff inside it. Putting some of their favorite things, such as a colored notebook or even lip balms, is a great idea.

a. Themed Basket

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The first Easter basket idea is by using some theme in the basket. For boys, you can make the basket to be a sports area or something that they love. Just like this baseball Easter basket. You can fill it with a booklet and some baseball cards. Then, don’t forget to put the ball and gum in the basket.

b. Easter Bag

For girl teen, get this beautiful black and white bag is a pretty gift. Then, fill the bag with the stuff like cute glasses, colorful notebook, and hair accessories. As the identity of Easter, don’t forget to put candies as well. Don’t put it a lot, just some as additional.

5. Creative Easter Basket Ideas

Don’t stop to think creatively even it is in the Easter basket. Using the standard basket would be boring, and you can change it in another creative way. Right now, people can make the basket with many forms, such as eggs or shoes. This creativity will cheer up your Easter day.

a. Easter Egg

An egg is the symbol of Easter, you cannot deny it. But you can make the egg to be something else creative just like this egg basket. This beautiful basket makes you think twice before opening it. You can put this on the table as a beautiful thing or give this a gift. Inside the egg, you can put box gifts like this and some candies.

b. Easter Boots

Another creative idea has this boots basket. The boots can be the Easter basket because of the big size of the hole. For making it more colorful, you can paint the boots you want. Fill the boot with some great stuff and other decorative things. Your children will like this kind of creative basket.

Other Basket Ideas


So, what are you waiting for again? This beautiful and unique Easter basket will cheer up your family. Various design and shape from the basket make no one can refuse it. Then, for the stuff filling it, you can suit it with whom it is going to be. Put the happiness on their face by giving them those pretty Easter baskets.

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