Everyday Products as the New Minimalist Decor and How You Can Apply It to Your Home

A newly spruced home feels like heaven. It is satisfying and relaxing. If you lead a busy lifestyle, you want to come back to a house that is not only clean but also beautiful. However, when you lead a minimalist lifestyle, you may have a hard time picking the right decor pieces. The minimalist lifestyle is founded on the principle “less is more” It is about having a curated rather than cluttered space. Therefore, getting new décor pieces may seem like going against the lifestyle. 

  When investing in minimalist décor, you need to ditch the unnecessary items and get down to what is important. The goal is to get a sleek and sophisticated look without doing too much. Here are a few ways to use everyday products as minimalist décor. 

  1. Use Natural Elements

There are lots of natural materials that you can add into your space. They include wood, plants, and stone. That wooden bench that seems to be useless in your home, for example, may look great in your entryway. Other natural things to consider using as home décor include woven baskets and potted palm plants. Old wooden boxes can be decorated to serve as extra storage for your living space. A simple succulent can add character and a pop of color to your shelves or coffee table. 

  1. Mirrors

The use of mirrors isn’t only functional. They can be decorative, especially in a minimalistic home. Mirrors can make your space look bigger. They brighten it up and accentuate dull walls. With simple frames and a coat of neutral paint, you can easily transform your mirror into the most beautiful part of your space. 

  1. Old Bottles

Old medicine, perfume, or liquor bottles can serve as décor pieces. There are plenty of ways to use them. You may spray paint them, use them as vases, or use them as pendant lights. Aesop’s luxurious skincare bottles, for example, can act as decorative soap dispensers. They can be painted to make cute little centerpieces. 

  1. Use Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is a blessing that you need to use when decorating your minimalistic home. It reduces the need for artificial light and makes it possible to avoid the clinical look that most minimalist houses have. 

Natural light will warm up your home and give it a cozy feel. You can get all the light you need without having to add visual clutter. A mirror here and sheer drapes there are enough to bring in light and give your home an airy feel. 

  1. Plates

Did you know that your plates can serve as décor items? Dinner plates are inexpensive, and they will look great on your walls. They are easy to find, and you probably have a lot of old ones in your house. Finding the best ones to suit your style shouldn’t be a problem. Use them in multiple colors or the same colors, depending on your taste. 

  1. Pennies

Do you have coins lying around your home? Consider using them to decorate your home. The coins are great for making unique coasters and wall art. With a frame and a few coins, you can easily create your piece of art.  

If you love the copper look, consider using the coins to cover your kitchen countertops or an entire wall. 

 When styling a minimalistic home, you want to keep things as simple and sophisticated as possible. Tone things down and consider using items that you already have. From old bottles to plates and coins, you can turn just about anything into a décor piece. Your minimalistic home doesn’t need to be boring. It can be warm, playful, and inviting. Use the right details to showcase your personality and style. The secret is to take things slow and avoid trying everything at once. 

Kevin Darabont
I am a freelance writer who loves to craft, home decor improvement, and active DIYers. I am happy to share my knowledge and experience to the world and learn new things everyday.