How to Make your Bedroom more Stylish with Custom Stickers

Are you bored by that big empty wall in your bedroom? Or do you want to upgrade your space with cool, custom designs to give it that extra edge? 

We have got you covered. Have you tried using custom stickers before? You have surely stumbled over some images of your typical “live, laugh, love” designs while browsing Pinterest or Google for inspiration.

However, with custom stickers you are free to create your own, personal design to elevate your bedroom exactly how you want to – without having to commit! Stickers are easily removable, allowing you to try out many different styles without damaging your walls. So, without further ado, let us have a look at the best ways to use custom stickers to decorate your bedroom. 

1. Wall decals for an immediate effect 

Wall decals are the perfect quick in if you are after a new interior design or simply a change. Their application only takes minutes but still creates an amazing effect. 

Decals are, like stickers, individually cut. But they can be distinguished from stickers via their size: decals are larger which is why wall stickers are usually referred to as decals. 

Unlike standard custom vinyl stickers, wall decals are not printed, but cut from one piece of vinyl. Your design will be laser-cut and then “weeded”, meaning the excess vinyl will be removed, leaving the outline of your design. This makes every piece of your design peelable. 

These elements are held together by a clear transfer tape that is applied on top of your designs, helping you apply your decals. All that is left to do when they arrive is apply them – super easy. 

By choosing a great sticker supplier, this is an idea completely free of worry. You do not have to spend our learning how to apply them or spend money on a special glue. Instead, you can lean back and let experts do the work for you.

2. Window stickers make it cozy 

While wall decals are a great option, you should not neglect your windows. There are great window sticker options available. All of them are transparent stickers, meaning they are printed onto a clear vinyl so that your glass surface can be seen through the sticker. You can find our favorite transparent stickers right here

You can choose between traditional stickers and front adhesive stickers. Front adhesive stickers can be applied to the inside of your window, facing outwards. Moreover, many sticker printing companies offer so-called bioplastics made from wood pulp. These can fully decompose within 12 weeks while still giving you that clarity. 

We love this idea for seasonal design like leaves or snowflakes that can just make your bedroom more cozy and homely. 

3. Custom wall papers are a real eye-catcher 

If you ever used traditional wallpaper, you know that the process of applying it can often be painful and long. With self-adhesive wallpapers, you can save yourself lots of frustration and speed up the entire process. 

Custom wallpapers are a great way for you to really make your bedroom your own. No matter if you are after a floral or a minimalist theme, all you have to do is submit your design and get it ordered. Then, within minutes you can apply your new design. 

This is also a great option for rented spaces, as you do not need your landlord’s permission or repaint walls when you want to move out. Instead, these wallpapers can easily be removed without damaging your walls. 

4. For a nursery

Especially since March 2020, floor stickers have become a daily companion. While they are great for reminding us to social distance, they are much more versatile. 

If you have a child, they can be an amazing way to upgrade their bedroom. Since a floor is such a huge canvas, you can get entire themes printed like racetracks, individual letters and numbers or farm animals. 

Not only can the application be fun together, but depending on the designs, your kids can really learn something. 

You do not need to worry. Sticker printers offer a textured finish on floor graphics, ensuring that no one will slip on them, and they withstand scratches and scuffing. 

We hope you enjoyed this article and are ready to get sticking! If you are already using stickers around your home, we would love to see them, please leave a comment below. Should you have any unanswered questions, let us know in the comments, and we will get back to you. 

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