30 Most Convenient Home Office Ideas (Small, Modern, Rustic, Traditional)

Home office ideas – Have you ever been dreaming an astounding profession before? If yes, then have you planned what place would your workspace be? It is the right moment to start designing your workspace then. If your profession enables you to work at home, then get updated with some home office ideas below.

Some professions need a specific working room in the office. However, some might demand the more exclusive one as an in-home office. Well, it is the best step to determine what style you want, since it determines how comfortable you with during working

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There are some basic questions about building a convenient workspace. One of them is how to make a cozy one. A comfortable room affects your mood and productivity. The first aspect you have to consider is its theme. Look after for some preferences in nowadays trend if you get bored with the old one. However, you had better choose one which is suitable with your personality instead of following the directions.

The second one is its function. You have to determine whether you want to emphasize its purpose or its look. You can do both after recognizing what your activities are. Lots of businesses need lots of space or storage. While doing so, adjust it with the accessories you put in while preparing it so that people sense both its function and look.

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Besides considering its comfort and function, another thing to consider is making the room more professional. The first step you have to do is deciding the room size. How could you design such a gorgeous room without considering the size? Room size determines how your space performs, whether its private, semi-private, or open concept.

The second step is paying attention to details. A small-unseen thing may ruin your concept. Determine the right color, texture, and material. The perfect color boosts your energy. The right surface accommodates your nuance. Also, suitable material builds up a marvelous composition. By conserving those, your room will be more professional.


A big room does not guarantee people to do an easy job. Some are overwhelmed to manage it. Therefore, if your house is small or you have the intention to create the small one, congratulations, you chose the best choice. A small work space eases you to manage it well and save your time.

Make sure to look at the specific home office layout design while modeling it. If it is wide enough, put a big size of a comfortable sofa or an enchanting tall nook. Applying an opened up squared or circle footage enables you to move flexibly. Choose a low profile desk instead of the high one is also acceptable.

Ocean Style

modern home office ideas
image source: Martha O’Hara Interiors

A small coastal built-in desk is best for ocean style. Moreover, its light wood floor and brown floor study room catch the ocean nuance. For the wondrous sense, choose blue walls around. Add a dot pattern paint to the wall to make it dynamic instead of narrow. Lastly, place the room facing the open glass window so that you can enjoy the fresh air in the morning to start your brand new day.

Contemporary home office

image source: Sol Haus Design

Instead of choosing the rustic design, nowadays you can try so many contemporary ones. A small trendy built-in desk is suitable for the small work space. Put in medium tone wood floor study with its natural stripes to arc a natural atmosphere. Beige walls are never tedious and lead you to feel a warm inside

White Cave

home office ideas ikea
image source: Redstart Construction, Inc.

White is classy and professional. It is simple but elegant. Do not doubt to start remodeling your workspace with a white palette. For the storage, you can add some white wooden cabinets as well as a small transitional built-in desk accommodates your activities. Combine with a dark wood floor and brown floor to avoid a pale impression. Paint gray walls as the secondary color. Your room will be clean and neat.


There are so many modern home office ideas, which offer you some benefits. This contemporary style tends to emphasize its exclusive look rather than the peculiar details. Therefore, people coming in will get impressed with a certain sense of your style and personality.

Moreover, it avoids an extravagant demand, but classy instead. Therefore, the selection of materials size and texture is essential. Some shifts from the chic into the minimalist one nowadays. It is because it shows off its professional, functional work space, and comfortable treatment.

The penthouse

work office ideas pinterest
image source: Cambridge Construction LLC

Using a small trendy freestanding desk is fitted with a penthouse design. This design emphasizes on the tidy design of each element. The perfect distance from each component makes it symmetrical so that it impresses all eyes.  The gray floor and light wood floor is suitable with white walls to create an intact theme.

Natural Look

home office setup ideas
image source: Michael Merrill Design Studio, Inc

Position the work space into the corner of the main room so that you can see the outside view. It is better to choose a mid-sized minimalist built-in desk carpeted design.  It eases you to clean and makes you convenient. With glass windows, you can see the sunshine and green trees in your garden outside. White walls strengthen its natural look.

Gray Office

cool home office ideas
image source: Wyrick Residential Design

While white is too exclusive, you can choose gray instead. Gray builds in a warm, refreshing sense. With modern freestanding desk, you can do mountainous works with a relaxed position. Combine grey with color as in light wood floor and beige floor. You can put some accessories inside in the long ample wall grey cabinets. With gray walls, you can position the room’s angle with the semi-open glass window so that it gives more light inside.


While modeling a traditional home office design, you had better look for some preferences in which you live. The mountainous space is different from the coastal one. The urban area is different from the suburban one. Therefore, you can put in some items inside supporting your activities.

Moreover, the location you live in determines how the angle of the room will be. For example, the edge will be a lake view or the nook view, etc. it affects how your room will be as a significant theme.

Rustic Working Space

man cave home office ideas
image source: Daniel Green Architectural + Interiors Photography 9 Reviews

To get a rough sense, choose the natural wooden color for the prominent items like cabinets and the desk as well as the carpet. Build in a wooden cabinet with its rough motive, so that it adds more patterns. Choosing a light or dark brown wood color is okay. Adjust it with your necessary. A beige, white striped carpet is suitable with the high curtain as balancing the substantial nuance of the wooden items.

Lakeview Office

mens office decorating ideas
image source: houzz

Lake view frees up your stress as well. No one rejects this style so far. A mid-sized traditional freestanding desk helps you doing much stuff inconvenience. Carpeted and beige floor work space idea bring in good vibes. With blue walls, you do achieve a fresh taste inside. A standard fireplace and a metal fireplace warm the air inside while feeling too cold.

Luxurious Library

image source: Orren Pickell Building Group

Some aspects hold significant in building a luxurious design. The first is the color; the mixing of bright color is the key to cheer up the room. You can choose a white, beige, or soft dark color as the base color. Then add another color like light pink or light red for some items like chairs or carpet. The dark brown wooden cabinets make the room full and reliable so that you can put books there.


Men usually tend to pay attention to the function rather than the look of the room. Therefore, they consider the prominent items first before deciding others. They are efficient so that they do not need a specific cabinet or storage items.

To do so, they choose a bright solid color to paint the wall. It can be red, navy, black, or orange. They like to apply a minimalist pattern to the item such as carpet or wall so that it seems simple and elegant. They pay attention to the rough texture and material as it reflects their masculinity.

Compact Office

image source: Kari Whitman Interiors

A compact workspace for men needs intense colors. Red and black might the best colors. With a small trendy freestanding desk carpeted, it looks more professional for men. This multicolored floor area with red walls is suitable to charge the spirit. With lettering carpets, it is evoking great footage.

Dark Room

image source: Elizabeth Krueger Design

Black absorbs energy from the outside. If you prefer designing a dark room than the cute one, choose a coaly color. With a mid-sized transitional freestanding desk in the middle of the room, you can relax and enjoy the works. A dark wood floor and brown floor area give more elegant artistic without bringing in others. In order to avoid a robust black nuance, put some wall arts within its white base color.

Industrial Look

image source: HDevelopment

With an urban home office design, creating an industrial look is possible. Within glasses door, you can monitor the other activities next to the room. Bring in a medium sofa inside in case your partners wait for during your work. With high freestanding desk, taking some documents in the wall bookshelf is possible. Choose a grey motive carpet to make it neat and clean.


Women tend to choose luxury, subtle, warm nuance. Therefore, commonly, they want the soft color and texture. Some colors like pink, white, terracotta, purple are the commonest. However, they can be combined with natural color like white, grey, or brown to avoid their feminine taste dominant.

Some patterned they prefer are dots, stripes, or floral. Therefore, they might put in some items like a vase or floral paintings. They usually need much storage with many sizes for each specific item. It will make people more comfortable to find a particular thing while working.

Artistic Design

image source: I & I Homes, Home Staging and Redesign

If you have an interest in exquisite design, you can do it yourself. However, if you do not, you can buy some creative design in a nearby place. As its name, it emphasizes its look rather than its function. Bringing a medium green tree is the way to keep the room fresh. It omits the dust littering the art painting in the wall. Some briefcase is practical rather than cabinets. With the brick symmetric floor design, it is adorable to sit inside.

Compact Office

image source: Grace Thomas Designs

A compact workspace creates a comprehensive but straightforward plan. The texture and palette are the essential things to consider. Design a grey square wall art facing your desk. It releases more light so that you do not need many lamps. A soft pink cabinet set makes a beauty sense. Within a joint part with the desk, you can put your printer in your cabinets.

Bonus room Office

image source: Mustard Architects

If you have unused space in your house, you can transform it into a great work space. A work space in a loft with roof lights and painted brick chimney breast enables you to finish stuff without getting annoyed within the outsider. A mid-sized shabby-chic style freestanding desk fits painted wood floor and white floor room idea with white walls. It creates a calm atmosphere inside.


Some designs are suitable for both men and women. However, some might be suitable for each of them. While designing a home office for men and women, you have to consider its elegance. The simple and neat design is matching with them. Natural color like black, beige, white, or grey is the answer.

The second one is the standard accessories. Do not put specific items so that it notifies whether it is masculine or feminine style. Do not forget to consider the material. Men usually use rough and solid content. Besides, in the other way, some women tend to use soft and blink stuff. Thus, combine those.

Small Couple Office

image source: ABK Interiors – Annette Kuester

To start designing a small couple office, the first thing to do is preparing for a couple of chairs. Since it is a small room, avoid creating complex mixed materials. Adjust the chairs’ color with the floor. Use natural color such as white, brown, and black as the primary color. The rest is managing some accessories within the orderly arrangement.

Rustic Couple Office

image source: John Kraemer & Sons

First, build in a long modern built-in desk. As facing the beige walls, you can see the beautiful sunset or sunshine every day. Second, choose a long sofa for taking a nap while bored and exhausted. A semi bookshelf above the desk can be an alternative for storing books and some accessories. The grey countertop refreshes your mind

Right Angle Office

image source: Kroiss Development, Inc.

The right angle office means putting each item in its right place so that there is no distracts and overlappings between one to each other. A medium sized room tends to have this kind of problem. As an alternative, decide in which you have to put the main desk as your workspace.  For example is choosing an L-shaped desk. It helps you to put each item orderly without many distractions. As a result, you can achieve sightseeing items flexibly and quickly.


Remodeling a room into another needs money, energy, and capacity. However,  right planning on home office makeover enables you to set up some elements inside. Remake the room into the more functional one by listing its necessity. 

To do so, you have to consider some factors. The first is the items. If there is an original item like a desk or cabinets, then modify it. The second is the function, while objects are supporting their services, keep them inside and the other way. The last step is determining how you treat or manage the room, adjust it with your routines so that you can keep them clean and comfortable.

Remodeling old office

image source: admiregd.com

There are many reasons why people remodel their office. The first is the look. While the room has an ugly or tedious look, you had better rebuild it. The second is the function. While you think the items inside cannot facilitate your works, then change it. Usually, an old work space is messy since the pieces are here and there due to the wrong arrangement.

The first thing to do in remodeling the old design in relocating some prominent items separated from the inferior ones. For example, put the desk from the unseen to the visible position. It depends on how you choose the right angle. The second one is changing color. If you think the wall is dull, then try the fresher new complexion. The next step is rearranging the wall arts, if they are better to put together why not put them tightly to each other so that it creates a proportional look. The next is adding, altering, or omitting some items. For example, is adding a new carpet so that it looks more compact. Alternatively, change the small desk with a longer one. On the other hand, omitting the tree with the original art painting so that it still brings a natural view.

If you want to see the complete steps to remodel your own room, you may go directly to admiregd.com.

Turning the Living room into Home Office

image source: boredpanda.com

Creating a home office is not that rude. However, sometimes it seems like living within unconnected part inside. It looks like you combine both the two designs in the same room, and it does not work to each other. Therefore, you have to consider what a home office is. This picture shows how dull it is and has no supporting items inside. There is no chair to sit. There is a bare wooden floor with messy things. Also, it has no professional nuance.

To renovate the old living room into the home office, you may follow some steps. The first is choosing the perfect freestanding chair so that you can work well. Adding some storage by putting in cabinets. Give outside view by using glass wall or glass window so that it seems broad. Therefore, the old living room turns into a noticeable workspace.

See the complete guide to remodel your home office on boredpanda.com


Home office decoration is the crucial aspect to plan before designing the home office. There are some ways to make it shimmering. Putting some vases of flowers, lamps, carpets, or some plants inside is the alternative. It adjusts the room’s size, of course.

If you are confused about how to design a new look in the decoration, one very suitable is determining the home office wall decoration. Wall gives you the first impression, and it is different from other elements. Wall reflects the nuance since it accommodates how the angle, lighting, and function work.

Framed Wall Art

image source: Gina Sims Designs

This eclectic style amazes you. Within the perfect proportion of each wall art, you see such an exclusive exhibition. Within the navy and orange colors, it boasts intense energy while sitting inside. One lamp on each side helps you concentrate more while reading. You had better differentiate the working desk and relaxing desk so that you can do both while needing it.

Contemporary Painting

image source: Amy Kartheiser Design

To start a modern painting, the first thing to do is preparing for a pungent artistic lamp above. Within the metal material, it seems luxurious. Moreover, you can add an abstract painting with a multicolor design. Within freestanding fluffy desk and solid brown wooden desk, you can start your work every day

home office ideas – Bookshelf Wall

image source: Anna Wilson Interiors

Book is the best investment. People understand that nothing can replace papers within the knowledge inside. This bookshelf wall design is you. Instead of buying cabinets for your books, the alternative is using the bookshelf wall. It beautifies your room and is practical when you need it; you can reach it easily.


Make your home office a cozy place to start your career. Therefore, perfect planning determines the ideal result, as well as the beautiful workspace,  support your productivity. Thus, start a convenient workspace within a new spirit each day. – Home office ideas (end)

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