Productive Office Layout Ideas (How to Decorate the Best Office for your Working Space)

Office Layout IdeasOffice layout is one of the most important factors affecting employees’ performance under their desks. Before deciding on your office layout, you must be well aware of your office needs.

Indeed, it’s nice to scroll down and instantly recreate all images you found on Pinterest, but if you lack the resources, don’t worry! The primary key to remodelling your office layout is to rearrange the existing stuff you already have, plus add a few inexpensive stuff.

Making a new office layout is great to give a better feel in the office, especially if you’re planning to make it into a co-working Singapore space. Remember that having a new layout does not have to be time-consuming or expensive. There are several simple tips and tricks you can follow when moving to a new area or improving an existing one.

As discussed above, recreating the office layout can enhance productivity. Based on that notion, for example, if your company values teamwork, you could try to create a team cluster layout. You can split the desk cluster according to the team role. Otherwise, if you think working in private is the best option for productivity, then a private office room is the best option, especially for people who classify work or serve one-on-one client meetings. When figuring out the layout, it’s also worth considering other office areas that usually don’t get enough attention, like the office bathroom. Look at some commercial restroom layouts to determine what would work best for you.

Importance of Office Layout

When first you think of it, office layout ideas or design seems trivial. But later on, you will realize that everything that goes into the area and the activities that occur become increasingly complicated. Whether you’re making a home office, arranging your work area cubicle, or deciding the layout for the entire office, understanding that the suitable arrangement can affect how employees will help you to get the job done will be beneficial.

A great office layout arrangement has several advantages for the company. First, It can affect employee productivity. Second, it can develop teamwork and collaboration. Third, it will promote office layout safety and comfort. Lastly, it will boost employee morale and inspiration.

Types of Office Layout

The first thing to do to gain an advantage from office arrangement is to select the right office layout type. The type ranged from open space offices where mass people can sit in a large room to boost productivity, cubicle office spaces where the employees are given small spaces as a comfort zone, private office spaces for confidential work, and team cluster spaces to give a sense of teamwork, and co-working office space for freelance workers. Each type has advantages and disadvantages. Now let’s elaborate on them.

1. Open Space Office

Photo by Pixabay

Although open space office layout seems outdated to some people, there is a certain company that still uses this kind of layout.

Advantages: some modern agencies reported that Open space offices could provide better communication, collaboration, and speed of work. They also see that leaders of agencies experience positive benefits and better productivity as a result of this arrangement.

Disadvantages: The employees may experience less productivity and satisfaction because of the lack of privacy and less space for breathing and stretching; different ways of working, creativity, and achievement are less shown and less recognized; this can create more stress because all eyes are on you.

2. Cubicle Office Space

Photo by Pinterest

Cubicle office space is another popular office layout besides the open space one. While the open space offers no physical barrier for the employee, the cubicle provides more private spaces for the employees.

Advantages: It creates a private space and a sense of belonging. The employee will have storage to store their documents, work files, and other belongings.

It also gives standardization in the office. Everyone has a similar working space. It can boost the spirit and creativity of employees.

Cubicles can reduce distractions as one employee is hardly distracted by the others in a different cubicle.

Disadvantages: It can hinder employee interaction.  Besides giving privacy, the walls also have certain disadvantages: limit social interaction.  

The space is often too small for the employees. It can cause discomfort and cramp.

3. Private Office Space

commercial office design ideas
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A private office is a separate room or cabinet in the office. It is usually designated for the executives. Sometimes, it is provided for people who are doing confidential work, such as doctors and lawyers.
Advantages: It gives a personal atmosphere and total privacy. Due to these conditions, the employee will have better concentration.

It also has healthy air circulation; there is no disease transmission.  

Disadvantages: Private room is clearly uneconomical. It needs extra furniture, decoration, cleaning, and maintenance expenses.

4. Team Cluster Office

Photo by Cadeau Maestro

Team cluster office design is an idea where people with similar roles are teamed up in one office area. Indeed the purpose is to make the communication among similar roles employees can effectively link.

Advantage: Increase the coordination among people in the same working roles.

Disadvantages: Not all companies need this kind of space layout. The layout will consume extra space to make cluster borders.

5. Coworking Office Space

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Coworking office space is basically a shared workplace. The space can be occupied by more than one company. Usually, companies with a small number of employees see a coworking office as a great choice to reduce costs. The coworking office style is mainly used by freelancers, start-up members, and small companies.

Advantages: Coworking space can provide a casual office atmosphere, so it reduces stress.

It is also economical since the area can be shared together.

Disadvantages: it can be too crowded, which might reduce productivity. It also has low or no privacy as the space is literally open.

Private Office Layout Ideas

office configuration ideas
Photo by

Downtown Private Office with a residential view

As stated before, a private office room is a designated room for confidential work or for executives. In confidential work, clients sometimes are too shy to explain the problems, or the matter is just too classified, such as law or doctor suggestion.

gift ideas for home office
Photo by

Private room with a fresh beach view

principles of office layout
Photo by

Large executive room office with cozy lightning and warm atmosphere

single office layout
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Private office chambers, effective for semi-confidential clients

open plan office layout
Photo by

Minimalist executive room office   

importance of office layout
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Small private office room with glass door

Home Office Ideas

effective office layout
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Cozy home office with white layout theme

Nowadays, working from home is taking its momentum as a result of technological advancement. Many bloggers, YouTubers, translators, graphic designers, etc., need a convenient desk to get their job done. Even for office workers, bringing their work home is not uncommon. Therefore, a home office will be beneficial.

corporate office design ideas
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Minimalist Home Office for Casual Workers

Photo by

Classic Home Office with Black and Brown Combination

closed plan office
Photo by

Cool Home Office with Wooden Theme

Photo by

Small home office with natural look

office structure and layout
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Casual home office for creative workers

Basement Office Ideas

Using the basement as an office might not be a common idea, but it works

Modern Executive Office

Photo by

Luxury executive room layout with elegant wooden floor

An executive office is a designated room for the director, executives, and other high-position persons. The design will be designed according to the owner’s taste.

Photo by

Modern Executive Office with a grayish look

Photo by

Simple Executive Office with a clear view of the outside

Photo by

Minimalist Executive Office for Small Room

Photo by

Modern Executive Office with Glass Walls

Photo by

Simple Executive Room with Elegant Look

Photo by

Spacious Executive Office Room with Natural Look

Small Office Layout Ideas

Photo by

Small Home Office at the Corner Space

When we urgently need an office but cannot provide enough space, small room ideas are needed to answer the problem. Here are some ideas for a small space office room for you to build.

Photo by

Small Office Ideas with Double Computer Desk

Photo by

Small Office Layout with Right Angle Desk

Best Office Layout for Productivity

Photo by

Open Space Office Layout with Personal Desk

The office is made to boost productivity. Here are some examples of the best office layout to answer that challenge.

Photo by

Open Space Office Room with Team Cluster Layout

Photo by

Small Office with Open Space design

Photo by

Office Room Layout with Spacious Cubicles

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Coworking Office Plan with Fresh Green Look

By having a lot of input, you can explore more ideas. Finding a suitable office layout is not all about the owner’s taste, but it must consider the employee’s and company’s needs.

Hopefully, these Office Layout Ideas can give better insight before you decide on your own office layout.

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