How To Spend More Time Outside: Our Top Tips

How To Spend More Time Outside There is a range of benefits to spending more time outdoors, including getting enough vitamin D to keep your skin healthy, staying fit and active to stave off severe health conditions like diabetes and heart disease, fresh air, and exercising amongst the elements. Exercising outdoors and experiencing nature first-hand can also have significant benefits for your mental health and wellbeing and drastically improve your mood. Are you feeling stressed and anxious? Get yourself out of the house and outdoors! Here we’ve come up with a piece on ways to spend more time outdoors. Carry on reading to learn more.

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space At Home

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Having an inviting, exciting outdoor space at home is a great motivation for spending more time outside. In recent times, home gardening has become more popular than ever, and people all around the UK have suddenly started developing green fingers. If you work from home and want somewhere lovely to spend your lunch breaks, why not focus on sprucing up your outdoor space?

Nationwide Home Innovations offer top quality verandas that help you enjoy outdoor living; the solid glass roof they come with allow you to continue entertaining guests in your outside space at home, regardless of how bad the weather might be. 

So, one way to make you spend more time outdoors is putting in the time and effort to make vital improvements to your outdoor living space. Invite the neighbours round to show off your superb revamped outdoor space to them.

Join A Local Sports Club

How To Spend More Time Outside? , Join a local club. Another bright idea to help you spend more time outdoors is to join a local sports club. Not only is joining a local sports club a great way to get yourself outdoors and fit and healthy, but it’s also a brilliant opportunity to make new friendships and form close bonds with people. We love sports in the UK, and it’s an excellent way to unite people and bring them together. 

Have you recently moved to a new area and are looking into possible things you could do to meet people and settle yourself into your new surroundings? In that case, joining a local sports club is a fantastic thing for you to do. Whether you prefer to get involved in a solo sport like cycling, running, swimming, or a team sport like football, rugby, cricket, or hockey, sports clubs have a good sense of camaraderie. You can share your sporting highs and lows with your teammates or fellow competitors. Get yourself outside and practice outdoor sports regularly by joining a local sports club near you.  

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Incorporate Going Outdoors And Being Active Into Your Lifestyle

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Try and have an honest assessment of how you currently live your life. Is your lifestyle a bit sedentary, and you spend far too much of your time relaxing lying on the couch in your lounge at home? That’s no good for you in the long term, and you’re missing out on all the beautiful natural scenery that we are blessed with here in the British Isles. Try and ensure that going outdoor and exercising becomes part of your routine and lifestyle.

To start with, why not try setting yourself some realistic and achievable goals?  Try going for a brisk walk or a jog in a local park 4 times a week. Doing these types of physical activities on a regular basis will help you get used to exercising outside, and it will gradually become the norm for you. Remember, doing more outdoor physical activity definitely doesn’t mean you are expected to run a marathon next week. Slowly does it.

Swap The Gym For The Park

Going to the gym and doing weights, cardiovascular exercises on treadmills and cross trainers, and so on is a great way to get fit. Nevertheless, there’s nothing quite like going out and exercising in the great outdoors. Gyms can be stuffy, sweaty places that don’t always let in a large amount of daylight. So,Another way How To Spend More Time Outside is getting yourself outdoors more by swapping the gym for your local park.

You can still do weights, use yoga mats for stretches, and run in parks. In fact, in 2022, if you go to your local park to have a look, you will see that it’s common for people these days to have Personal Training sessions outdoors in parks. Do you need that extra little touch of motivation in the earlier stages of your fitness drive? Then you could look into getting lessons from a Personal Trainer in your local park. 

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Find Alternative Means Of Travelling Into The Office

Spending hours every working day stuck in traffic commuting to work in your car is no fun at all. In addition, driving everywhere is terrible for our planet since CO2 emissions from cars are a big contributor to global warming. So, try and do your little bit to protect our planet by travelling to work on foot, bicycle, or using public transport such as buses, trains, and so on. Why be cooped up in your cars for hours on end when you could be enjoying everything the outdoors has to offer? Perhaps you can find a gorgeous scenic route into your office that you can walk or cycle. 

Sustainability only really works if we all do our bit collectively. Promoting sustainable practices such as walking, cycling, and taking public transport to work with your colleagues could be a wise idea. You could be the catalyst for many staff in your workplace deciding to go green and ditch the car when travelling into work. 

Consider The Benefits For Your Mental Health Of Exercising Outdoors

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It’s too cold, it’s raining, the wind is blowing me all over the place, these are some examples of a few textbook excuses for not exercising outside, but we’ve heard them all before. Put on your waterproof jacket and brave the cold weather to exercise outdoors. Getting out there in nature and exercising can do wonders for your mental health and wellbeing. There’s nothing more calming and soothing for your mind than watching creatures interact with their natural habitat outside. So, put your smartphone down for a few minutes, drag yourself away from updating your social media feed, and get yourself in a better headspace by exercising more outdoors. Don’t overlook how important it is to make sure that you look after your mental wellbeing properly.  


So, These are our tips for “How To Spend More Time Outside is of your time outdoors”. Are your family or flatmates beginning to get on your nerves a little? Why not make an effort to spend more of your time outdoors? You can brighten up your day by simply meeting up with a friend for a lovely walk in the park and a coffee. 

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