4 Kitchen Flooring Ideas That Exude Modern Elegance

Kitchen Flooring Ideas – With a wide range of materials being used in floor finishes, there are so many to choose from when you decide to undertake a kitchen floor renovation. This selection process might prove to be lengthy due to the various types available. However, worry not as this article will give you insights into some flooring ideas you can adopt to achieve modern elegance in your kitchen.

Below are some kitchen flooring ideas you can consider:

1. Wooden Flooring

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Wooden floors for your kitchen are perfect, especially if you’re looking for a natural and outdoor outlook. When it comes to wooden floors, there are various choices you can make depending on your preference and style. Also, wood has unique characteristics when it comes to functionality. They offer thermal insulation to your kitchen and are warm to the touch. Therefore, you don’t need to invest in carpets to keep your feet warm.

Engineered wood is one of the options you can go for. This floor type is made of two layers. The bottom section is made of artificial material such as plywood, whereas the top layer is where the wood comes in. This top layer is made of a thin veneer of real hardwood. The perk of the Southern Luxe engineered hardwood flooring is it comes in various colors that you can choose from. You can get dark or warm colors to suit the theme of your kitchen, either by complementing it or providing the perfect contrast for a classy, unique look.

You can also decide to select reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is more or less recycled from previous elements. This wood is rich in color and provides the perfect rusty look for your kitchen. You can combine it with the laid-back look of your kitchen or with its bright white background. This allows it to pop, where it becomes the center of attraction. 

Cork is a wooden flooring that you can utilize for your kitchen floor. This material is made from the bark of an oak tree, making it quite sustainable. The beauty of cork wood is it has varying textures you can choose from depending on your liking, and it has sound insulation properties. 

Cork can either be tiles or planks; the selection is based on preference. Go for the cork tiles if you want to retain the traditional tile look but still want some elegance. If you want to stick to modern times, choose planks. The cork planks also allow you to play around with patterns since you can place them vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

2. Porcelain Tiles

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Porcelain tiles have been quite a popular trend for kitchen flooring. However, today, it doesn’t have the same old appearance that you’d find in every household kitchen. Thanks to innovation, additional features have been added to bring a modern elegance to your kitchen floor. 

Porcelain tiles can have a wood-like finish. This is quite beneficial, especially if you prefer the traditional hard and strong porcelain material but want to add a natural look to your kitchen floor. Manufacturers will still have the base as porcelain, but the top finish will be wood. There are many wood patterns you can choose from for wood-look tiles. You can choose a distressed wood look, a dark color, or a light color. All these choices depend on your preferred style and the general kitchen outlook.

You can also acquire porcelain tiles with a granite-like finish. If you like the granite outlook but aren’t fond of its original material, this is a tile you should incorporate on your kitchen floor. To bring in modern elegance with this choice, go for bright-colored terrazzo tiles, especially those with a white background. This can complement your already white kitchen or bring contrast if it’s made of dark colors.

3. Laminate Flooring

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There are many laminate floor types you can choose for your kitchen floor. This is regarding their outlook. They can resemble wood or ceramic tiles. 

The best laminate to use for your kitchen floor to add to its elegance is the one that resembles ceramic tiles. The laminate gives a smooth final finish where you can decide on its extent of glossiness. Imagine your kitchen floor made of a white laminate resembling ceramic tile and with a very glossy look. This is quite attractive. With the kitchen being a space where cleanliness is key, your floor reflects the same concept. Also, it’ll brighten up your kitchen space in an eye-catching manner.

However, if white isn’t your preferred color, there are others you can choose from for your kitchen floor. Some laminate floors are gray, beige, among other soft colors, widening your choice.

4. Vinyl Flooring for Kitchen

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Vinyl is a common flooring trend that homeowners adopt for their homes. One of the reasons it’s widely adopted for kitchen use is that it’s waterproof. Now, vinyl flooring can either be a sheet or wood planks.

Vinyl wood plank provides quite a classy look to your kitchen floor, especially because of its laid-back look. Here, it has finishes that imitate the natural look of wood. To add to its elegance, consider mixing up its sizes during laying. Please refrain from placing planks of similar length adjacent to each other to eliminate an old, boring look. Instead, alternate the sizes to bring out an eye-catching pattern. Most of these vinyl planks have a shiny look, which adds to their aesthetic features.

On the other hand, there’s vinyl sheet flooring. Just as the name suggests, vinyl sheets appear like sheets and are quite flexible. What makes vinyl sheets different from their plank counterpart is that they have so many colors and patterns you can adopt for your floor, besides the usual wood look. Some are flowery while others have a mixture of colored patterns, all for your use. 

With this extent of choice, you can use your preferred color and pattern to add to the elegance of your kitchen floor. For instance, if your kitchen is bright, you can add to its brightness by installing vinyl sheets with a white background but with blue flowers on top.


Homeowners most commonly install the kitchen flooring ideas mentioned above. You can also be one of them. With technology, you can get any design or color mix you desire for your kitchen floor finish. Therefore, in this case, your mind is your limitation – Kitchen Flooring Ideas

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