25 Most Popular Pool House Ideas for Relaxing Retreat

Pool House Ideas – When you have swimming pool along with all the add-ons, you may think about any other thing to add to your pool space. You can have pool deck, pool fence, or a pool house. Imagine you have a lot of swimming equipment such as goggles, snorkels, rafts, loungers, and so on. Where should you put these items?

Then again, before and after swimming session, you will need a place to change your clothes to get ready to the water or you must change your wet clothes to the dry one.

These problems can be solved easily when you build a pool house right beside your pool. Not only it is great for storage room, it can also give you convenience for not to worry anymore that people will walk around in your house with their wet foot.

Depending on the region, there are several other names for pool house such as casita, villa, detached guest house, or cabana.

Small Pool House Ideas

Pool House Ideas Designs

Simple, small, and clean pool house is a great relaxing retreat that you need. You can enjoy the view while sitting and sipping your warm tea next to the blue pool. Swimming is also a good idea to relax you mind and soul. After the swimming session, you can clean and refresh your body with shower installed at the pool house side.

Small Pool House Galleries

pool house decorating ideas

When you are looking for small pool house ideas, then you are coming to the right place. There a lot of designs you can choose, from middle-age style to modern style ,or simple to complex structure. The designs can be customized according to your choice and budget plan.

Pool House Ideas Designs

Indeed, people build pool house not only for practical reasons such as dressing and storage rooms, but it can also add beauty value to the owner’s property. There are numerous pool house or cabana designs you can choose out there. they are either small or big cabana with modern or classic designs.

Pool Patio Ideas

pool house design ideas

Recreational cabana, or can also be called pool patio, serves only one purpose: convenience. Since the purpose is only one, it is not to be used for other things. The design is made as minimalist as possible. The cabana protect you from direct sun heat and rain water. While inside, you can refresh and relax yourself.

Modern Vibes

Contemporary pool house is one of the dreams we want to have in our house. It is more than just a place to fit all our pool gears. We can do a lot of activity inside the house. One of my favorite activity is typing my blog article while enjoying a cup of coffee. The feel is peace and quiet.

Rustic Pool Side

Here are pool house ideas for Rustic style adorer. When we are talking about Rustic style, then we may visualize on natural and unrefined elements. It is correct since the style is drawn from natural inspiration, such as wood and stone which resemble raw & unfinished elements.

Inspired from these origins, rustic style pool house can bring natural, peace and warm vibes to the surrounding.

Poolside House Galleries

Pool House Galleries


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