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Unique Retaining Wall Designs

Retaining Wall Design – If your outdoor space is uneven and not at all pleasing to look at, you can always reimagine it using retaining walls. Soil erosion and the danger of your property collapsing due to differences in elevation should be a thing of the past with the introduction of these amazing structures.

Even though they serve an extremely functional purpose of holding back soil, they can add a touch of beauty to an ordinary landscape. A well-built retaining wall will create a levelled space behind it and add a special sculptural quality to your garden.

The good thing is that you have a wide range of ideas that you can implement. Retaining walls can be made from all manner of materials ranging from wood to stone to concrete. However, each is best suited for a certain place and condition. 

Beyond reasonable doubt, at least one will suit your needs and space. If you are looking for ideas for a beautiful retaining wall, look no further. Here are the top unique retaining wall designs.

1. Interlocking Blocks

When it comes to DIY, this is one idea you can easily master. The blocks are lightweight and are easy to install because they easily fit together without the use of a binder. This design is super neat. Cylindrical blocks are particularly awe-inspiring, but you can choose a shape of your liking.

You are also at liberty to choose the style you want to use on your landscape because they come in a variety of colors.

Interlocking blocks can beautifully complement your flowerbed or garden if well placed behind it. In case of damages, interlocking blocks can easily be replaced because it’s only the damaged blocks that will be removed without necessarily bringing the whole wall down.

Manufacturers like MagnumStone have amazing interlocking block systems available. Check them out for some ideas!

2. Concrete Planter Boxes

This new idea will transform your outdoor living spaces into a distinct and pleasant place. Planter boxes come in various styles, shapes, sizes, colors and they can easily be customized to your desired height to fit into your space. 

To bring out a powerful decorative element in your garden, play around with the various colors and shapes until you find a design that seamlessly blends with the other elements on your landscape.

Do not worry about your exterior architectural design style; planter boxes blend with practically any design. They particularly have a spectacular design when used to complement such modern designs as rustic design and Mediterranean styles. All you need to do is choose the colors and shapes of your planters that match with your property’s style.

Planter boxes will also bring out a unique garden design in your property with an exclusive ability to provide space for planting other unique plants. Their hollow spaces make them suitable for drought-tolerant plants and booming plants. 

All of these options are suitable for a garden structure and will add to the visual appeal of your outdoor space.

3. Entwined Bricks

Brick wall is the most common retaining wall design used. If you are really into the idea of constructing a ‘money-saving’ retaining wall, then this design is meant for you. Brick walls can be long lasting when properly installed, well taken care of and appropriately maintained. However, you will need an expert in this field to help you in putting up the wall.

Bricks also come in different colors, sizes and textures. Because of its versatile nature, you are left with many options to choose from to fit your desires. 

If you want to make your brick retaining wall to stand out from the rest, you can always entwine different colors of brick to create a unique appealing layout. The interesting texture this design adds to your landscape is irresistible.

4. Rock and Stone Retaining Wall

This design works best on a slightly sloping landscape— it shouldn’t be too steep. Rock and stone provides a simple and more natural look to your garden when blended with foliage and flowers. This will make perfect décor if you don’t like a lot of accompaniments in your exterior space.

You can opt for a wall made of many small stones or one made of large boulders. Either way,

the natural look won’t be lost. This design suits you if you are interested in cheap retaining walls. It is not only simple and effective but also quite inexpensive. Rock and stone can also be used on an existing retaining wall by sticking it on the wall using mortar to create a new fresh look.

5. Wooden Retaining Wall

A retaining wall made of timber posts can add style to your yard. This design works well for slopes that aren’t too steep. No other design is flexible in providing a straight wall like timber. You can use it in desired shapes and sizes to meet the requirements of your space and blend with the exterior décor of your property.

If you don’t like the natural look of this wall, you can paint it to bring out another beautiful appearance. You should only go for this retaining wall idea if you are not looking for a long lasting structure. Timber is prone to water, sunlight and fire damage. Therefore, extreme caution should be taken when using timber for constructing a retaining wall.

Take Away

Besides major functions such as the prevention of soil erosion, creation of usable beds out of steep slopes, and holding back the soil, retaining walls contribute to the physical appeal of landscapes. They can make exterior spaces attractive and functional.

You have a wide range of options to choose from. You can pick the wooden walls which have a natural appearance and blend well with the environment. These structures may not last long. You can also decide to go for interlocking blocks which, despite being generally heavy, are easy to install since one does not need to use mortar. Rock and stone walls also add some uniqueness to the landscape. They are also inexpensive to construct.

Online tools like the AB Walls Design Software and the AB Retaining Wall Design App can help increase your design efficiency and turn your concept into a comprehensive design. Whichever retaining wall design you decide is best for your project, make sure you have thoroughly evaluated your location, soil, and drainage requirements – Retaining Wall Design

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