Simple Decor Ideas to Bring the Great Outdoors to Your Grand Indoors

Whether you’re an “outdoorsy” person or not, you can’t deny the beauty of nature, especially when you bring certain elements of it inside your home.

In bringing the outdoors inside your home, it’s important to understand that it consists of more than simply putting plants all over your house… (that’s the most popular way to do it), but it encompasses much more than that; It’s the aesthetic of your home as a whole. This design style is called biophilic, and it involves most of your five senses.

Everything from what you see and smell to what you hear and touch, all make for a peaceful and anxiety-reducing living space all coming from the beauty and inspiration of nature. If you’re looking to create a home environment inspired by the beauty of the outdoors, follow these home decor tips to bringing the great outdoors to your grand indoors.

Simple Tips to Design Your Home Interiors With Inspiration From Nature

Incorporate Furs and Textures to Create a Cozy Space

From leather couches and fur rugs to velvet throw blankets and suede accent pillows, all of these different textures will not only add depth to your home’s interiors but warmth as well.

Furs and textures are reminiscent of the wildlife of nature, and would obviously appeal to your sense of touch. Now, if you notice, we mentioned inspiration from nature… So, we’re not saying to go and skin a bear for an authentic fur rug; There are lots of home decor stores that sell faux furs to give off that natural beauty of wildlife.

Making Use of Your Windows to Let in the Sunlight

All too often, people forget about the beauty of the sunlight and just how it can completely transform the look of any room. Now, to be fair, some people prefer to sit in the dark without any sunlight coming in, and that’s fine. But aside from sunlight being a beautiful decor essential to your home, the lack thereof can cause you to have to run your heating and cooling unit more. This, in turn, causes a higher than usual electric bill.

If darker spaces are part of the decor you like, then you at least want to visit to switch from standard electricity using non-renewable resources to a provider using renewable resources. That way your electricity bill will be considerably lower, AND, if you do decide to let sunlight in, you can use your heating/cooling unit without worrying about it being overly expensive.

Add Greenery to Your Living Spaces

This is the element of home decor that everyone goes to when thinking about bringing the outdoors indoors, and it’s understandable why. Plants are obvious parts of nature but what people don’t realize is just how beneficial they are to your home, and not just from a decorative perspective either. Adding plants to your home’s decor has been known and scientifically-proven to have many health benefits like boost mood, purify indoor air, and reduce stress.

Also, adding greenery to your home doesn’t necessarily mean just bringing in plants, either. The keyword here is greenery, so anything plant-related, whether it involves real plants or not, is going to be great decor as well. Things like floral bedspreads and curtains are great ways to incorporate the beauty of the outdoors. If you’re the creative type you can even go for wallpaper with plants or floral designs on it for a unique look.

Get Rugged with Stones and Rocks

The addition of stones and rocks in your home might seem a little odd, but it’s really not. If you have granite countertops in your kitchen or marble flooring, that’s a type of stone used in the decor of your home that you probably never just put too much thought into, but it indeed is a way you’ve brought the outdoors inside your home.

Some people like to create entire accent walls made of rocks and stones. For example, it’s not uncommon at all to see an entire accent wall in the interiors of homes made completely of brick, river rocks, pebble stones, and cut fieldstone. This just adds more depth to your home’s interiors and texture as well.

As you can see, there are tons of creative ways to bring the outdoors inside your home, whether you go straight to the source of nature or simply find items inspired by nature. Get creative with your home decor this year and create a beautiful indoor living space inspired by your favorite parts of the outdoors.

Kevin Darabont
I am a freelance writer who loves to craft, home decor improvement, and active DIYers. I am happy to share my knowledge and experience to the world and learn new things everyday.