Time Capsule Ideas (9 Easy Mementos Making Guide)

Time Capsule Ideas – Celebrating a precious moment in our life does not have to be expensive but memorable. A time capsule is a great way to capture memories you’ll cherish forever. Not only is it great to recall the past, but it’s also a fun project too.

This article will cover several aspects of Time Capsule Ideas as follows:

  • What is a Time Capsule?
  • Time Capsule Definition
  • What would you put in a Time Capsule?
  • What is in a time capsule?
  • How to make Time Capsule
  • Family Time Capsule Ideas

What is a time capsule?

Before proceeding further, we need to be clear about what a time capsule is. It is a container that holds our personal items, such as clothes, photos, newspapers, letters, puppet, or anything that resemble ourselves or the people we intend to. It’s usually hidden away either indoors or outdoors. This is great as a present to yourself or a gift for your loved one. You can open it after a year, five, twenty, or as long as you wish.

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When do you need a time capsule?

Your time capsule could be started around special occasions like graduations, weddings, newborn babies, holidays, vacations, and other occasions.

What to put in a Time Capsule?

The ideas could be varied and depend on personal preferences. They include:

  • Magazine (or particular pages of a magazine)
  • Newspaper
  • Certificates/ribbons from sports games
  • School papers/art projects/tasks,
  • Photos,
  • Party items,
  • Book with a special note,
  • Letter,
  • Current Coins.
  • Advertisements
  • Badges
  • Calendars
  • TV program lists,
  • Tickets to concerts or movies,
  • Restaurant bills,
  • Business cards,
  • Videotapes,
  • Vacation items,
  • Etc.

1. Coronavirus (Covid-19) Time Capsule Ideas

Coronavirus has changed our ways of life rapidly. Hence, we need to adjust our activity correspondingly.

The idea is to create a time capsule to remind us how this pandemic changed our societies and ways of life. You may download the free printables on letsembark which include:

  • Page to draw a family picture
  • All about me
  • How I’m feeling
  • My Community
  • What I am doing at home
  • Handprint page
  • Special occasion page
  • Letter to Myself page
  • Interview for the parents
  • Letter from the parents

2. Time Capsule Ideas for Baby

time capsule ideas for baby

Randi, mom of five, had her twin the first year birthday and decided to make a time capsule for them. She started with simple plain white photo boxes, which are easy to find at any craft store.

She put the hats and bibs which her kids wore at their birthday party; the small recorder which recorded the sound and giggles they made; notes from friends and fun stuff such as coins from the year they were born; the stamps used for the invitation; birthday announcement; foot and hand print; and the pictures of the birthday party.

Read the full story of Randi and her twin at dukesandduchesses.com

The story of Randi and her twin is only an example of choosing the right stuff to put inside the box for the birthday time capsule ideas.
But there also still quite a number of other stuff to put there, from the present family tree, hit songs, small popular toys, messages from family elders, grocery store receipts, etc

3. First Birthday Time Capsule

The idea is a pretty simple yet very meaningful time capsule. It can be used when you invite families or colleagues to your first birthday. You only need to print simple action words for the guest and let it flow.

But, if you don’t want to make it by yourself, you can buy it online. Just visit etsy shop for the time capsule.

4. DIY Wedding Guest Book Time Capsule

Rather than using a standard guest book that only contains standard information, a lot of couples are trying to find unique ways to invite their guest to sign in. One of the ways is using wedding time capsule ideas. The guests are expected to write notes, messages, hope, prediction or anything related to the future of the couple. It could be for a year ahead, five, ten, or even twenty years ahead. It is also a good way to involve the guests who can not attend the wedding ceremony to participate in the happy day.

Just like Jen Causey shares, a beautiful blue DIY Wedding Time Capsule Guestbook. The designs are already prepared; you only need to download and print them right away. The making processes are also pretty simple, using common supplies which are easy to find and, indeed, cheap!

Read the full guides and steps on how to make DIY Time Capsule Guestbook at somethingturquoise.com

Here are some of the making process pictures of the capsule

Then to give you more ideas for your special day, I also gather some catchy ideas for your wedding time capsule. Indeed, you can customize your own wedding time capsule according to your taste and preference

5. Message in a Bottle Rack

family time capsule ideas
Photo by lisahesselphotography.com

The idea is similar; the guests are invited to write notes and messages. But here, the notes and messages will be read according to the number written on the bottle. A year? or 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 years later?

6. Wedding Pinata

Photo by www.ruettgers.com

Just put it at the reception table and ask the guest to write a message for you. You can read what they have written to you in the next year or the following 5 years.

Aside from the guest book time capsule ideas, you can also make a traditional time capsule where you put your personal things and keep it in a safe place or simply bury it until the time you want to see it again to remember what life was like the time you were marrying your spouse. The box used can be any box, but you have to adjust it according to where it would be placed. For example, if you want to bury it in your garden, you need a holder that can stand longer, like a metal box. But if you only place it indoors, then a cardboard box or shoe box is enough to put all the stuff.

You can simply put a daily local newspaper, a TV guide, a weekly magazine, a wedding ceremony program, a champagne toast cork, a marriage certificate copy, a wedding invitation copy, a cake knife and other utensils, a cake topper, honeymoon ticket, etc.

7. DIY Vacation Memory Jar

Photo by masonjarcraftslove.com

You can preserve your vacation memories a little stronger and longer with vacation memory jars. Filled with mementoes collected on the trips and images taken on the spot, they are like a piece of memories that can always be visited again and again.

The craft is an original idea by Linda of masonjarcraftslove The idea is putting your vacation souvenirs into a jar and putting your images in it. By doing so, you can recall the time you spent on your vacation. Very nice one!

Read the complete guide on how to make the vacation memory jar by Linda at masonjarcraftslove.com here

Here are some of the making process images

Photo by masonjarcraftslove.com

8. DIY Time Capsule Christmas Ornament

Photo by huntandhost.net

Christmas is an annual special time for family gatherings. This time capsule Christmas craft ornament is a great way to wrap all the Christmas spirit and memories and save them from reliving later. The guide is also come with a free printable, thanks to Kim.

Read the complete guide on how to make the Christmas time capsule at huntandhost.net

Photo by huntandhost.net

9. Memory Jar Ideas (With free printables!)

Photo by: makeanddocrew.com

One of the best ways to time-capsule memories is by making a memories jar. It is pretty simple and easy to make, affordable, and neat.

You can choose any theme for the jar, such as for vacation memory or for the people you love. This memories jar from makeanddocrew is intended to recall memories from specific moments and years.

Just download and print the provided label, cut it out and attach it to your jar. Then get busy with some memories projects!

All Photos by: makeanddocrew.com

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