Valentine Day Cards Ideas

Valentine’s Day is in the air and you better be prepared to give the present along with the perfect love message. Love cards can be a clever answer to it. Before getting down to the work, you need to prepare yourself. Get out all the paper, and prepare for the waterfall of red, white, and pink puffy hearts all over. This fun activity will be the right filler to spend free time with girlfriends or with the kids.

Valentine Day Cards for Husbands

Valentine’s is the best day to show your affection to the man you live with, share with, and give everything to.

1. Game of Love

Man is basically a grown-up boy. Therefore, playing a love trick is the right way to get them to kneel before you.

2. The Poets

We all never get tired of roses and violets poets. It is eternal, as though the love you give for your husband


If you are trying to impress your man with deep saying, then this kind of card will suit you well.

Valentine Day Cards for Wife

Your wife, the woman who takes care of your kids, home, and family deserves to get more and more love. Here are some ideas for Valentine Cards for the wives out there.

1. Message from the Fatty

Years passed, and everything has changed including your belly which is getting bigger and bigger.

2. Love Letter

Women are a romantic creatures. Therefore, words are the best weapon to touch her heart.

Valentine Day Cards for Boyfriends

Being romantic on Valentine Day won’t be as perfect as sending these cards to your boyfriend

1. Pokemon Master

Be a boyfriend master who gotta catch their heart!

2. Sharp Shooter

Psst. Wanna hear something? I love you

Star Wars Valentine Day Cards

Star Wars is love Star Wars is life. Nowadays, as the new movie is still out, new fans are emerging. People still love Star Wars and will always be.

1. The Opening

Who wouldn’t remember these iconic openings of the movie?

2 May the force be with You

Will the poets about force move you?

3 Yoda Head

Alright I admit it looks cheesy but it is still gonna put a bit smile on your face

Funny Valentine Day Cards

Life already sucks. Love life on the other hand are full of odds and tears. Let’s sit back, relax, and rest your tired mind by sharing a small piece of joy.

1 Love Dino

Sometimes love can bring miracle where the impossible becomes possible. All which matters is will and effort.

2. Whale you be Mine?

All this time I’ve been seeing you from afar, now it is the right time to ask whale you be mine?

3. Marijuana of Love

even if romance ran out of rhyme
you would still have my heart
until the end of time
you’re all I need, my love, my valentine…


Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic holidays throughout the year, but just like all romantic things, it can sometimes require a bit of coordination and planning. Even if you’re on a tight budget, there’s no reason that your Valentine’s Day can’t be as memorable and cute for you and your lover

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