30 Small Pool Ideas to Freshen your Summer (Inground, Above ground, Backyard)

Small Pool IdeasSmall pool will allow your family to distress on a sweltering summer day. Adding a tiny little pool to your small backyard should not be a stimulating and compound affair. Besides, the consequence will often leave you astonished, as you will realize a whole-new retreat area.


An above-ground pool known to be the easiest and the fastest pool to install. Not only it is cost lesser than an inground pool, but also it requires less maintenance too. Although the above-ground pool has a really limited size where it can get damaged easily. Also, one of the downsides of above ground is that it usually have a short lifespan.  

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On the contrary, an inground pool available with lots of various varieties which brings unlimited ideas for family. Thus, an inground pool is much better in quality, which can last longer than above ground pool. Of course, it will also come with higher cost to maintain the quality of the pool. Besides, to build one inground pool you will need an expert to build and maintain it regularly.


An inground swimming pool is far pricier than an analogous above ground pool. Most proprietors employ amongst $600 and $3,000 to build an above ground pool, which already comprised costs for expert set up. Where the inground pool will cost you between $20.000 to almost $30.000 including the purchase of installation too. Therefore, one can conclude that the above ground pool is significantly cheaper to purchase and install rather than an inground pool.

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If you love the idea of a swimming pool designs for small backyards but have neither the space nor the budget for a built-in pool, you may be looking for above ground pool ideas.  Above ground pool ideas are great when you have a small budget. Nice above ground pools will give you a chance to splash in the water during the summertime.

Small Family Pool

Round above ground family pool package is an easy to build pool design. Besides, the architect built the right pool for the family. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of families in Philadelphia started to use this pool design.

Jacuzzi Small Pool

Image Source: Adventure Hot Tubs & Pools

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs is a traditional small pool project. As can be seen, this adventure hot tubs & pools are using a filler cyan design with a yellow dried medium. Not to mention, that this small jacuzzi pool also covered with a traditional wooden pool made it look more exquisite.

Wooden Japanese Soaking Tub

Image Source: Star of Texas Landscape

Japanese soaking tub set half in the ground with a cedar entry deck. Also, this tub can be placed as a water feature with a water pump and trough. Star of Texas Landscape creates this wooden soaking tub based on original Japanese heritage.

Farmhouse Relaxing Pool

6-Person Inflatable Hot Tub Outdoor will better design in a farmhouse. Additionally, Weaver’s Pools & Spas design this farmhouse relaxing pool for about two weeks. Important to realize that nowadays, the rustic pool design has become a trend in America.

Summer Garden Pool

Summer garden pool package arranged for afternoon entertainment with a sturdy wooden frame. A tripartite material edifice augments the pool’s structural veracity to endure the outdoor rudiments. In other words, the stimulated wooden frame averts oxidation too prolong pool deterioration


Mounting small inground pools for small backyards brings your patio to life. It adds painterly demand and best expediency. Moreover, small inground swimming pool gives a flawless channel for workout and lessening.

Small Modern Pool

A small modern inground swimming pool is the greatest idea. This pool united with one covered square fire pit. That is a bizarre one inground pool idea created by Atlanta norm pool constructor.

Small Laguna

An organic pool setting generates a haven in the middle of an eventful locality. Pool Environments establish this wonderful detail of traditional pool. The natural style is secluded abode pool just like in Dallas.

Small Patio Pool

This small patio pool in Winnetka is level with the flooring. The pool successfully highlights an involuntary pool cover with veiled nugget shelter lid. This small patio pool is the faultless accompaniment to the attractive outdoor living space.

Tropical Pool

The tropical pool features mahogany waterfall and hitting. Kanga construction creates this pool design based on Brazilian style. However, the tropical pool design is common in Miami.

Small Rectangular Pool

Aerial view of the pool with laminar jets, fire pit, marble patio seating areas. In detail, the tranquility modern pool designer built this amazing rectangular shape for a pool. Overall, the small modern swimming pool has become one of the favorite design in New York.


Building a small pool idea for small lots in your backyard can be a thrilling experience. It is every homeowner’s dream to be able to have a sprawling pool of their own. A short outline of the most popular outdoor pool ideas can give you an idea of what features.

Small Pool with Glass Fence

This pool created a back-accent wall behind this small pool that looks good and provides extra seating.  In general, there is also a sunny space for loungers. As a result, small pool with a glass fence is visible from upper terraces.

Wooden Backyard Pool

A contemporary wood deck design that doubles as seating around the raised pool. Adding a simple deck around an above ground swimming pool hides the unattractive siding. It creates a more contemporary look.

Concrete Backyard Pool

The backyard’s low maintenance deck of architectural stamped concrete is beautifully complemented by the curving lines of the Waitron pebble top stone coping. The soothing sounds of the spillover spa. Plus, it is sheer descent waterfall help to create a tranquil atmosphere.

Simple Backyard Spa

This project originally featured in popular science magazine. Lap pools make a lot of sense, providing full-length swimming without taking up much yard space. Swimming in a Lap Pool is also nice.

Natural Backyard Pool

This modern peripheral natural backyard swimming pool made in Houston. The owner hires the shade home pool designer. They are combined two wooden small animal cages of guinea greedy pig bunny and hen coop.


A mini inground pool bids a convenient area for lessening, whether you are swimming with family or by yourself. You can pleat a mini pool into a corner of your garden or next to to your yard. Also, you can draw the construction with attractive construction and redesigning topography.

Mini Backyard Pool

This award-winning pool design picture is called avec piscine design. A professional swimming pool designer, create this fascinating mini pool. You can get most of this contemporary pool material and sample in Bordeaux.

Mini Outdoor Spa

This mini outdoor spa created in Pocasset residence. Professional SSG Pools & Spas design the hole modern small outdoor spa. The style based on the contemporary pool in Boston residence.

Mediterranean House Pool

This amazing Mediterranean house pool is named Private Sanctuary by the owner. In the first place, the texas pool architect creates this private pool by request from the family. Comparatively, this design is the same as the modern pool style made in Houston.

Natural View

Modest Urban Plunge mixed with natural view generate a beautiful modern pool. Water’s Edge Outdoor Living architect finished this modest project in 3 months. You can find this modern pool aesthetic design in Houston


Here’s a straight illustration of a small swimming pool patio in a small residential courtyard. The whole courtyard is pool patio and pool. It is quite a simple design, yet these ideas look cool for a small pool idea.

Pool Garden Patio

People called this small pool style as the Tribeca Pool garden patio. Jeffrey Erg landscape designer try to bring a modern yet original in the design. The project of Tribeca Pool based in New York for about 50 days of working.

Backyard Patio

A minor but convenient stone shielded open-air pool patio and partition cascade by Antique Exteriors. A balcony area supervises a good-looking small pool cascade sheltered with some historic Mysterious Limestone enclosed by an attractive flower trough fenced in by a linen basket interlaced teak kindling ivy wall. At the opposite end of the pool stances, an elegant hand engraved traditional limestone wall cascade that is thousands of years old.

Rustic Patio

This small pool patio idea called the Olmos Park quadrangular rustic pool patio. Brad Sharpe Pools professional architect design this mesmerizing rustic pool patio. You can find this kind of small rustic pool patio style at an old-style Pool in Austin.


The main part of building a small swimming pool house style is reckoning out what you want. Then you can continue with integration it with what you can convincingly accomplish in a fitted area. To help jump-start the progression, here are some trickle of small pool house ideas that might get you motivated and enlightened perfectly.

Pool Patio and Cabana

This project intricate the style of a new open-air Pool Household on lands of a 1905 posture house domain. The core line of bed and breakfast on this property were also widely modernized as part of the development. The idea for the small outdoor Pool House was to integrate the terminology of these current constructions.

Modern Compact Pool House

This project in Sarasota, Florida, positioned on generating a sophisticated courtyard existing area in which the Landlords could animate and amuse. Two professionals compact pool designer made a project of a new pool house. Finally, they made a modern countryside layout that contained modern style but had a kindliness to the end-to-end 1926 significant house that would stake the site.

Pool House and Patio

The pool’s dark steely Panoply fleece internal bounded by Waitron flagstone handling. This pool house and patio mixed with a surface of decorative architectural concrete. The open-air cabana and fireplace with change part of the building. All in all, this pool filled with an equipment room to enhance an ultimate drop of expediency.


There are many circumstances where a small pool deck just cannot conceivable within an area. However, if you have been put off an idea of directly above ground pools as a substitute because you started to think that their appearance is unappealing. With cautious design arrangement, above ground pools mixed with decks are more than a feasible alternate.

Wooden Deck for Above Ground Pool

If you are mounting an above ground pool, then you will possibly want a deck to go together with it. The deck will give you a space to keep you out of the grass and also place your towels formerly attaint into the pool. That could be a supreme site for virtuous periods to made.

Concrete Deck

A concrete deck will offer some space from one pool to another room. It has scope to splash around, swim, and still have sufficient area to entertainment and eating too. If you are observing for a large and attractive set-up for your puddle at your homegrown, this idea could be the one that you seek.

Composite Pool Deck

An extra specimen of an above ground pool is complete to look as though it is inground because of the technique the deck located. In this case, it gives the impression as though they positioned the pool and elevated the deck. It still empowers you to pace down into the pool. Besides, this design can create an elegant look for your pool arrangement.


As you can see, even a small pool in a tight area can offer a lot of thought and preparation. Because it is more extravagance than obligation. Normally, as the pool owner, you might want to relax and take your time to find a resolution that truly “clicks” with your dream pool idea. In the end, it is worth the money and effort with everything a small pool has to offer.


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