4 Easy and Cheap DIY Office Décor Ideas

Office Décor Ideas – The importance of having a comfortable, tidy, and well-organized office decor is hard to undervalue. It has long been proven that the space where you work or study directly influences your motivation and productivity. Thus, organizing a perfect space is crucial, especially for students who have long study sessions that must be efficient or professionals who work from home.

Okay, the importance of creating a comfortable office is clear. The only question is how to do it without investing hundreds of dollars?

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We won’t sugarcoat it. Decorating a perfect office can get pretty expensive, which is especially bad for students who are living on a shoestring budget. But, since your workspace will have an impact on your academic performance, it is well worth investing your time and money into it. What is more, it is possible to do it yourself to save money, and we are going to give you some ideas for a perfect DIY Office Décor Ideas!

Cork Pinboard Calendar – Office Decor Ideas

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Some of us find it hard to remember important dates and deadlines. It is especially true for students. Having to deal with dozens of assignments simultaneously, students often find it hard to keep track of all their deadlines and, as a result, often overdue their assignments.

One way to solve this is to delegate your assignments to DoMyEssay and get rid of some of your academic load. This way, you can rest assured that your papers and other assignments will always be completed on time. And for other important dates, use this DIY calendar idea!

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To create a pinboard calendar, you will need a large corkboard that can be found in a hardware or DIY shop. You will also need a marker and small pieces of paper on which you will write the current month, days of the week, and dates. And, of course, you will need pins to put all these pieces of paper on your board.

When done, you will be able to pin new pieces of paper to your calendar to mark any important tasks, deadlines, or dates. 

Cord Organizer

In today’s world, each of us relies on technology a lot in work, studies, and everyday life. Pretty much everyone has at least a couple of gadgets in their workspace. And, when there are gadgets, there are also lots of constantly tangling and pissing off cords. To get rid of messy cords, use our next DIY Office Décor – a cord organizer.

To create a convenient cord organizer for your desk, you will need large binder clips, adhesive labels, and scissors. The idea is pretty simple. You need to feed cords through binders (one cord per clip) and then clip them onto your desk. It will also be a great idea to label your binder clips by the type of cords they hold so that you can find the needed cord quickly and easily.

If you are interested to make one, visit smallstuffcounts for the making guide.

Chalkboard Wall

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A chalkboard wall is definitely one of the best DIY ideas you can use for creating a cool office décor. The reason why this idea is so great is that it can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use such a wall as a calendar with important dates and deadlines. You can also write down your ideas or to-do lists on it or use it for mind mapping. Finally, you can also use it for motivation or decor by drawing nice pictures or writing inspirational phrases on your wall.

How to make a chalkboard wall yourself? It is super easy. All you need is a free wall and either chalkboard paint or chalkboard tape. Both tape and paint can be found nearly everywhere, including Walmart, Amazon, or your local hardware store. Creating a wall using tape will be faster and easier. However, painting a wall won’t be too time-consuming or complicated either.

Then you will need to buy chalk, and you are ready to start using your wall.

Cardboard Drawer Organizer – Office Desk Decor

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Whether you are a student or a professional, the chances are that your desk drawers are filled with all sorts of stuff that you use during your work or study sessions. And, we bet that just like the majority of people, you keep your drawers pretty messy.

Since we’ve already defined that a disorganized workspace is basically an unproductive workspace, it becomes clear that keeping your desk drawers well-organized is also important. So, here is a simple DIY idea you can use – grab a piece of cardboard and turn it into a convenient drawer organizer.

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To make an organizer, you need to create one large box to the size of your drawer. Then, you need to divide a large box into sections with the help of strips of cardboard that will serve as separating walls inside the box – just that easy.


Organizing your workspace is vital for success in work and studies. That’s an axiom. Now, after reading this article, you have some simple and cheap DIY office décor ideas that will help you get your space organized and add a sense of personalization to it. Be sure to try these ideas! – Office Décor Ideas

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